Ambassador Yun Rees
Rep. A. Johnson
Gen. Takaki Aso
Capt. Douglas Gordon
F/O Koji Nanbara
Godzilla Tower
Mothra Virgo
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi
Queen Fimetreous
Mu submarine
Emperor Antonio
Prince Hector




King Koban
Commander Darius Kugo
King Kong
Master C'seris
Mordant Zerrulus
Dogolas (Qu'thulos)
Rentis Ic'den
Monster X


* BALTAN-seijin



The History of the Cosmos







King Karkaru
General Kulkan
Captain Parsus
Queen of the Kilaaks



Chairman Fumio Subo



Chief Argon
Pvt. Bordu
Commander Mugar
Chief Engineer Toru




* Z-TON alien



Anguirus Junior
Black Scorpions
* Cal-tiki
Death Ghidorah
The Gappa family
Giant Amoeba
Godzilla Junior
* Guiron
* Hedorah
King Ghidorah
* Kumasogami
* Majin
* Megaguirus
* Yongary


Garey Adams
Cillian Bakker
* Richard Cromley
Arwen Erickson
Prof. Dale Erickson
* Ayami Itchibana
Dr. Kenji Kamaiya
* Mayor Isao Ogawa
* Hiromi Osada


Cosmic Struggle
* Kaishin Muba
King Seesar

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The Elias | Japan | Mu | Seatopia | The United Nations | The United States of America
When Seatopia and Mu join the United Nations, a new military branch is created: the United World Powers (UWP). With Godzilla's rampages finally ended, the 'lost kingdoms' desired reunification with the surface world.

The world leaders and representatives are joined by Representative A. Johnson of the Global Defense Force. Much to everyone's surprise, the Elias also join the peace effort.

Ambassador YUN REES

Yun Rees

Representative of the United World Powers (UWP). He is also Earth's delegate to the inter-stellar Council of Peace, appointed to the post when former Astronaut Glenn died.


Representative A. (Arnold) JOHNSON

A. Johnson

The former JSDF pilot is now the Liaison Officer of the Earth's combined military forces.


The United Nations created G-FORCE in the early 1990s to deal with the threat posed to the world by Godzilla. It has since expanded its mandate to include all kaiju and other 'special circumstances', such as alien invasions. It is a large, well-funded operation, head-quartered in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to conventional weaponry, electron cannon tanks and maser artillery, G-FORCE constructs and utilizes such 'super-weapons' as the GOTENGO and SUPER Xes.
General Aso

As well as continuing to head G-FORCE, General Aso was appointed Japan's Defense Chief by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. He commands Japan's military forces under the Global Defense Force.
Douglas Gordon

A brave and proud soldier who served with former JSDF pilot Arnold Johnson. Due to his own exemplary service, he was promoted to Captain when Johnson became a high ranking official at G-FORCE.
First Officer KOJI NANBARA
Koji Nanbara

The younger brother of the legendary INTERPOL Agent, Shin Nanbara, who was one of the Agents responsible for preventing the first Simeon invasion back in 1974.

Godzilla Tower

Height: 100 meters (328 feet)
Weapons: Extremely powerful laser beam fired from the "mouth"
Aerial Battleship GOTENGO

(Photographed by Toho Kingdom)

Under the command of Captain Gordon, the new flagship of the Global Defense Force (GDF) is a joint effort between G-FORCE and the Mu Empire.

With their great knowledge of submersibles, this ship will be far more advanced.

Length: 150 Meters (492 feet)
Height: 45 Meters (147.64 feet)
SY-5 space ship in flight

(Photographed by Toho Kingdom)

Height: 93 meters
Wingspan: 41 meters
Mass: 15,000 tons
Appearance: Similar to the SY-3, only with a larger wingspan and a sleeker design.



Lora (3K) Moll (3K)
Lora and Moll, the current avatars of Mothra

12,000 years ago, after resettling on Infant Island, the Shobijin genetically engineered four perfect one-foot tall twin women to serve as a 'telepathic interface' to the generations of Mothra yet to come. The Cosmos themselves died out, leaving only Mothra and her guardians to keep watch on mankind. Despite their size, they warrant attention and respect. They are also the last of the original pure-blooded Cosmos race here on Earth. (See The History of the Cosmos)

In appearance, they are Asian, almost always together and will resist being separated, although there is no record of this ever happening. Like their charge, the Earth replenishes them so they can continue to pass down their legacy. Just as Mothra herself is continuously rejuvenated in an unending cycle of birth, death and rebirth, so it is with the Elias.

The Elias Triangle, one of their most powerful and important ancient powers, protects them from harm. While searching through old legends and myths, Moll discovered it and that she bore the power of 'wisdom', Lora the power of 'love' and Belvera, 'courage'. These three qualities make up the Elias Triangle.

If anything, the Elias are more like faeries since they exhibit abilities beyond what humans can comprehend through a mixture of inborn powers, magic and science but mostly magic and science.


Belvera (5K)

One of the four Elias but 'untwinned', she is cynical of mankind but with Moll and Lora, they make up the Elias Triangle.

Belvera has a flying robotic steed resembling a dragon called Garu Garu. She left Infant Island, evil having been placed upon her soul when her twin was accidentally killed. It is speculated that the tragedy drove her insane, having been essentially cut in half, for the twins exist as a single entity. This is why Moll and Lora are so understanding of their 'sister' who was torn from her other self.


Mothra in larva stage

Height: 15 meters (49 feet)
Length: 147 meters (482 feet)
Weight: 33,000 tons
Mothra Virgo (Adult) in flight

Height: 17 meters (55 feet)
Length: 80 meters (262.4 feet)
Wingspan: 227 meters (745 feet)
Weight: 42,000 tons
Height: 17 meters (55 feet)
Length: 83 meters (272 feet)
Wingspan: 244 meters (800 feet)
Weight: 47,000 tons
Height: 20 meters (65 feet)
Length: 85 meters (278 feet)
Wingspan: 258 meters (846 feet)
Weight: 57,527 tons
Powers/Weapons: Biography: Mothra Virgo is the child of Mothra Leo. With her impending death not far off, Mothra Leo used her waning energy to create an heir. Her life force was entrusted into her offspring to continue the line of Mothras. Gaia is the spirit of the Earth so Mothra is a representative of the planet. She has also been around for a very long time, continuously rejuvenated in an unending cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Like Mothra Leo, Mothra Virgo can take on more than one form as an imago.



Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi addressing the Diet

Japan is a country of about 3,000 islands situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a zone of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that encircles the basin of the Pacific Ocean. It is associated with a nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches, island arcs, volcanic mountain ranges and/or plate movements.

The islands are primarily the result of volcanos. The highest peak, Mount Fuji, is one. Japan is home to over 180 volcanos with 60 being active. Approximately 3,000 caves are also known. Enigmatic, sunken stone structures off Okinawa have present-day Japanese wondering if their homeland was once part of the lost continent of Mu.

Archaeological research would indicate that the earliest inhabitants of Japan migrated over land bridges from Korea and Siberia at least 30,000 years ago. The first artifacts of civilization appear to have originated around 10,000 BC from the Jomon culture.

Although Japan did not appear in written history until 57 AD when it is first mentioned in Chinese records, these chronicles tell a much different history, deriving the people from the gods themselves. According to traditional Japanese mythology, Japan was founded in the 7th Century BC by the ancestral Emperor Jinmu, a direct descendant of the Shinto deity Amaterasu.

For most of Japan's history, real power has been in the hands of the court nobility, shoguns, the military or more recently, Prime Ministers.


Within the United World Powers (UWP), Mu perhaps has one of the oldest histories of any member. 100 million years ago, when the Cosmos first arrived on Earth, Pangea was still a single land mass. When it began to break up, Mu remained their home.

Around 12,000 years ago, the Muuvians sought to preserve their ancient culture by creating a bio-weapon and protector, the giant sea serpent Manda. Not long after, Battra brought an end to the once great empire as the in-fighting was bringing ruin to the planet itself.

A great earthquake and flood nearly wiped the Cosmos out when the entire continent broke up and sank beneath the Pacific, leaving Mu and Atlantis to rebuild as undersea civilizations and Seatopia, underground.

Since then, the Muuvians have made many technological advances, particularly in the area of submersibles which is evident in the GOTENGO.


Queen Fometreous

Ruler of the matriarchy that is now Mu.


Manda undeerwater

(Underwater photography by Toho Kingdom)

Manda is a bio-weapon in the form of a giant sea serpent created to protect the Mu Empire.

Length: 300 meters
Weight: 60,000 tons
Powers/Weapons: Constricting body; fast, adept swimmer


Mu submarine

Length: 130 Meters (426.51 feet)
Height: 32 Meters (105 feet)


Now a member of the United World Powers (UWP), Seatopia announced its existence to the entire world, along with the other ancient (and believed lost) kingdom of Mu. The once isolationist peoples now desire to be at peace with the surface dwellers and join mankind in working together for a more perfect life for everyone.

Years ago, Fumio Subo saved the underground realm from a deadly epidemic and became close friends with Emperor Antonio. Later, he would seek his assistance with a project that would benefit the entire world.

Seatopia, like Atlantis, is a legendary realm that disappeared from the face of the Earth thousands of years ago. With the challenges of rebuilding the kingdom, its technology advanced far beyond that of the surface world although it still held onto many of the Cosmos' original customs and beliefs. Despite their achievements, the subterranean society worships a monster 'guardian' they call Megalon.

There are many legends of monsters involving Seatopia, including one which claims Necromyoti, a giant arachnid, first appeared during the great war between Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and Okinawa. King Antonio was believed to have released it on Japan. Labeled 'the Death Bringer' because of the disease that scourged the nation, it was finally imprisoned near Seatopia.

Another popular tale is that Megalon attacked the surface world but was defeated by Godzilla and a strange man-made robot called JET JAGUAR that could grow to gigantic size.

Unlike this impossible story, the kingdom was actually involved in a great conflict around 12,000 years ago when Seatopia declared its independence from the interior-based Empire of Mu. The Cosmos had originally established a colony there around 100 million years ago but the Seatopians' society had become stagnant, rigid and emotionless over time and wanted nothing more to do with them.

Seatopia proclaimed Megalon its protector as he could burrow, should they decide to go underground and completely rid themselves of the surface world. The once great Mu Empire was split apart, not only by the Seatopians but Okinawa also seceded around this time. The war finally ended when Battra nearly destroyed them all as the fighting was bringing ruin to the planet itself.

Unfortunately, a great earthquake and flood left the survivors to rebuild as undersea and underground civilizations.


King Antonio of Seatopia

(c. 1977)

The long-reigning King of Seatopia.


Prince Hector pf Seatopia)

The only heir of Emperor Antonio and Queen Valeeria.


The consort of Prince Hector, despite not being of the royal bloodline.


Megalon on Earth
Megalon when he first arrived on Earth

Height: 105 Meters
Weight: 40,000 Tons
Powers/Abilities: Biography: A Seatopian priest found Megalon at the shore of the kingdom. He arrived on Earth in a fiery ball that landed in Atlantis, resulting in a titanic battle with Kaishin Muba who defeated the giant space beetle.

The King ordered that the kaiju be nursed back to health in hopes that it would protect Seatopia from the other nations they were warring with at the time. The great creature went on to repel their long-ago enemies, the Atlanteans, and was named a hero and warrior god.

Megalon's sanctuary is in a massive mountain to which the Seatopians come for daily prayers. Near the middle of the chamber's wall is a gigantic gem that reflects his mood and indicates if Megalon is even listening to the person who is attempting to contact him. Donning a special headband is necessary to make a 'connection'. Should the gemstone be glowing a dull light blue, it signifies peace within the battle-weary, aging guardian's mind and that he is sleeping in his crystallized form. It brightens as Megalon begins to waken from his slumber.


The President and Cabinet members

The President addresses the White House press corps. To his left is Secretary of Defense James Ramsey. The Vice President is at the far left.


Martian war ship

Martian War Machine (CLASSIFIED U.S. Army photograph, c.1953)

Wingspan: 48 meters (160 feet)
Height: 24 meters (80 feet)



A Baltan teleporting

Height: 90 meters (295 feet)
Weight: 35,000 tons
  1. It can fire a concentrated beam from its claws
  2. Energy reflection is possible
  3. It can create copies of itself also capable of firing beams

BALTAN-seijin (combined)

A merged Baltan

Height: 100 meters (328 feet)
Weight: 55,000 tons


The History of the Cosmos

There was a great war between the Millennians and the Cosmos millions of years ago when the Millennians wanted to become more of a collective than actual individuals. The Cosmos beat back the Millennians which were splintered up by this defeat and went on to colonize most of this section of the galaxy. The Cosmos went on to colonize most of this section of the galaxy.

One hundred million years ago, the Space Hunters of Nebula M spread across the galaxy. Those who came to Earth called themselves the Cosmos, perhaps for the great distance they had crossed to get here.

The immigrants landed on the sub-continent of Mu and created many cities, some of which became new civilizations in their own right. Their scientists built 12 machines to absorb the Earth's 'life force' to provide power for their settlements.

Greatly impressed by Mothra's show of power against the Gudis, clones of the creature were created to protect the planet. A giant moth called Mothra was created to protect the planet.

When Death Ghidorah arrived around 65,000,000 BC, she defeated and entombed him in what would one day become Japan. However, he managed to destroy almost 70% of all life on Earth, including many dinosaurs. The few that survived sought refuge on the continent of Mu where the Cosmos seeded the population with mutations that would allow them to fight against the Skyllan, should it return.

They also created a 50-meter behemoth named GODZILLA in case the Millennians decided to take over the planet. After the break-up of the Mu continent, it established its territory around Lagos Island.

In time, the Cosmos revolted among themselves, resulting in the splintering of their mighty empire. Atlantis severed itself from those who called themselves Muuvians. They would further divide off into Seatopians and Okinawans. During the ensuing warfare, the Cosmos' weather control machines were destroyed and the global temperature plunged rapidly, causing another ice age. Battra nearly destroyed them all as the fighting was bringing ruin to the planet itself. Eventually, the great creature was forced into 'hibernation' by the last remaining Mothra.

A race of genetically engineered one-foot tall twin women (the Elias) were created to serve as avatars and a 'telepathic interface' to the generations of Mothra yet to come by the female Cosmos (the Shobijin). The original Cosmos civilization died out, leaving only Mothra and her guardians to keep watch on mankind.


12,000 years ago, the original Nebulan colonists who came to Earth split into two separate societies when the males (Doubijin) became militaristic and believed themselves to be superior to all others on the planet. The females (Shobijin, meaning 'little beauties') opposed them and war ensued.

The women had developed their mental powers and magic while the males focused on technology which could no doubt destroy the planet itself. They created weather control devices and waged war, angering the Earth itself. The machines (along with much of the Cosmos civilization) were soon destroyed by Battra who was finally locked away in the Arctic ice by the only remaining Mothra.

Global temperatures fluctuated dangerously after the destruction of the weather machines and plunged rapidly, causing another ice age, earthquakes and floods. The remaining Cosmos resettled on Infant Island (created by the destruction of Mu), lost touch with their technology and soon became a primitive society. The males departed but the aging Mothra remained.

The Shobijin became peace-loving shaman priestesses who opposed war and violence, having witnessed its effects first hand. They genetically engineered the Elias to serve as avatars and a 'telepathic interface' to the generations of Mothra yet to come. The Cosmos themselves died out, leaving only Mothra and her guardians to keep watch on mankind.

If anything, the Shobijin are more like faeries since they exhibit abilities beyond anything humans can comprehend through a mixture of inborn powers, magic and science but mostly magic and science.


Oberon Terius Zirkon
Oberon | Terius | Zirkon
12,000 years ago, the Cosmos split into two separate societies when the males became militaristic and hostile toward the evolving human race and developed Battra to dominate the new species of Man and any other challenges that might confront them. The females (Shobijin) opposed them and war ensued.

The males departed Infant Island (created by the destruction of Mu) where the last of their race had taken refuge with the aging Mothra. A few of their colonies still survive as they created new cities around the world which later were inhabited by Man.

Over time and with great confidence in their accomplishments, the Doubijin were able to extend their lifespan indefinitely through magic and science. Their descendants became us. The Doubijin can mysteriously appear and disappear with their teleportation ability but it drains their energy when they use it.

Should one be fortunate enough to meet a Doubijin, he might seem very hostile toward modern society as they believe themselves to be great warriors and superior to all things on the planet. He would be similar to a grumpy old sarcastic sage or a mean-spirited sensei. Much like 'small men' in human society, they are more quick to anger and eager to flaunt their power.

Terius is the Doubijin of Valor, Zirkon, of Brotherhood and Oberon, the Doubijin of Knowledge. Like Belvera, Zirkon had also lost his twin. The trio speak in unison on occasion, similar to the Elias who have not seen any Doubijin for thousands of years.

If anything, the Doubijin are more like faeries since they exhibit abilities beyond anything humans can comprehend through a mixture of inborn powers, magic and science but mostly magic and science.


Original (slug) Form
Gudis' original form fighting Ultraman Great

Gudis fighting Ultraman Great after arriving on Earth in 1990
Powered-up Form

Height: 85 meters
Weight: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Amalgamated Form
Gudis combined form

Height: 100 meters
Weight: Unknown
Additional powers and abilities: Gudis is a potent and powerful space virus that travels throughout the universe wiping out entire galaxies. It thrives in polluted, rotted environments like Hedorah and feeds on the darkest of emotions like Irys.

It has incredible mutagenic powers and can transform the simplest organisms into towering monstrosities it can use as a host and augment its strength. It is sentient, intelligent and completely evil. The first race of beings to dare stand against the Gudis were the Ultras from Nebula M78. They were a peaceful race before the arrival of Gudis.

For centuries, a war raged between them that crossed one galaxy after another as they were determined to destroy Gudis for the sake of all innocent life, as well as their own kind.

The first race of beings to dare stand against the Gudis were the Ultras from Nebula M78. They were a peaceful race before the arrival of Gudis. For centuries, a war raged between them that crossed one galaxy after another as they were determined to destroy Gudis for the sake of all innocent life in the universe, as well as their own kind.

After one such skirmish while trying to evade an army of Ultras, Gudis fled through the solar system where the Simeons had made their home. The weakened Gudis fed off their small star to rejuvenate. When he was finished, the monster moved on and the star collapsed in on itself, creating a black hole.

Ultraman Great finally defeated Gudis in a far weaker form when the fiend destroyed an Earth space ship on Mars in 1990. Spores began to fester and collect on the monster's body which Ultraman disintegrated but they had already shot off out into space.



Height: 78 meters (259 feet)
Weight: 80,000 tons Powers/Weapons: This is Gudis' watchdog and servant, made from his cells. The odd-looking beast can appear and disappear with the assistance of its suffocating red smog. The kaiju's alter ego was Jack Shindo's dead friend.


Ten billion years ago when super novae forged the first complex elements heavier than helium in the fiery bellies of stars, a race of sentient beings were born. They are not creatures in the way we think of them today, being composed of a strange, extremely strong and flexible metal-like substance. These shape shifters can take the form of anything they wish under 20 feet in height so long as there is sufficient heat present.

Growing in power, they established a vast civilization in the Orion system and soon spread across the galaxies, commandeering asteroids and other space debris as cheap and effective modes of transportation.

The Kilaaks are a group of these Imperials who destroyed Mysteroid and created the Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars three million years ago, once again leaving the Mysterians homeless. Tuket, the oldest Kilaak and second-in-command who had piloted the asteroid, still serves the Empire.

The Iron Empire was soon destined to wipe all sentience from our solar system and take over its multiple planets to relieve their over-population. Early in their expansionist efforts across the cosmos, several brief but brutal wars occurred with other species they encountered. This inspired the Imperials to create two "war horses" and peace keepers, King Ghidorah and Death Ghidorah. They also experimented with crystalline elements in an attempt to create other monsters. When they succeed, it will become the new Sword of the Iron Empire.


Average Male Height: 6'-0''
Average Female Height: 5'-6''
Appearance: Kilaaks generally have a humanoid appearance although they typically display a suit of chain-mail armor which is part of their bodies. Male military officers and soldiers often have armor plates over their chests, arms, backs and legs.

The color of the chain-mail indicates the Kilaak's rank in society. Municipal colors (red, blue, yellow, etc) indicate citizens, scientists, workers and other non-military personnel. White is the color of low-ranking female soldiers while black indicates low-ranked male soldiers. Bronze is the color of most Kilaaks involved in the military, including soldiers, generals, etc. Silver indicates the highest-ranking military officials and is the color of powerful political entities and dignitaries.

Gold is only worn by one Kilaak: the King himself. It should be noted that Kilaaks in silver and gold often have personal shield emitters, enhancing their already near-resistance to attack.

Maximum Age: Powers/Weapons: Immortal when exposed to temperatures over 45 degrees C. Incredibly strong and surprisingly agile. Their bodies are dense and unbreakable, meaning conventional weapons usually have no effect on them. Kilaaks never have to sleep, drink or eat. They are very quick thinkers, despite their longevity. They are also great planners and always have several back-up plans should their first one fail.
Weaknesses: If temperatures fall below 45 degrees C., they revert back to their metallic, slug-like form. If exposed to incredibly intense heat, their bodies will melt and their consciousness will expire.
History: The Kilaaks came to our solar system three million years ago when their meteor collided with Mysteroid, a small planet between Mars and Jupiter and destroyed it.

The Kilaaks are actually a band of Iron Empire settlers. In a similar manner to the Legion, they point their descendants (as 'slugs') to suitable living conditions. They are destined to wipe all sentience from this solar system for the over-populated Empire to add it to their territory. The Kilaaks, however, have no knowledge of their true heritage.

With Mysteroid gone, Mars' only large moon, Kilaak, filled the void. Asteroids and debris pelted the new micro-planet and caused massive volcanos to erupt, making it a living hell. Taking the extreme heat and using it to their advantage, the living metal creatures evolved into a higher form of being who named themselves KILAAK.

All members of the Iron Empire can transform into whatever shape they wish as long as it is under 20 feet in height but Kilaaks are restricted to just one form. They had never seen what bodies their ancestors could assume so they adapted their appearance after the Mysterians' humanoid guise over thousands of years. The shape-shifters do revert back to their rock-like form if their base temperature goes below 45 degrees Celsius. Raising the temperature above this level brings them back to 'life'.

Intent on destroying humanity and the monsters of planet Earth, the Kilaaks arranged a trade with the Mysterians for genetic coding to alter King Ghidorah's DNA and revive him as Grand King Ghidorah. They are also familiar with the location of all the volcanos on Earth. If each of the 'super volcanos' erupted at the same time, the Earth would revert to its 'origin' state: a sphere of boiling magma. Once the human race and the Earth's monsters are dealt with and the surface is destroyed, all the Kilaaks would have to do is stimulate continuous controlled eruptions which would heat the planet up to the perfect Kilaak temperature.

The Kilaaks want Earth because:
  1. They are running out of room on their small planet, Kilaak, as well as their colonies on Mercury and Venus.
  2. Kilaak is slowly but surely calming down geologically. In a few million years, it will be too cool for them but they live for millions of years due to their metal-based physiology. Their home world is a volcano-ridden planet that can't support what we perceive as life but being living metal, the Kilaaks thrive there.


King Karkaru

During a failed invasion attempt on the Earth in 1999, his beloved wife was killed. Since then, Karkaru has had a personal hatred for mankind and all kaiju on the planet. As a result, he wants all traces of them wiped out.


Kilaak Queen and attendants

(3rd from left) c.1999

The Queen personally led the failed invasion attempt on the Earth in 1999. Their bases on the Moon and at Mount Fuji were destroyed, along with their space craft, practically wiping out their race. The Kilaaks caught on Earth reverted to their metallic rock-like form in 'hibernation' after their base's temperature fell below 45 C.



The oldest Kilaak and second in command, he piloted the asteroid that destroyed Mysteroid.

Now, his ship is the TIKOLTEN. He serves as the Iron Empire's 'spy' of sorts, reporting on the activities of the Kilaaks and the various other sentient beings in the solar system.

Tuket is the only Kilaak who knows of their true origin, the others' memories having been erased. He has a much deeper understanding of just what all is going on than anybody realizes, with direct ties to the Emperor himself. Little does Karkaru suspect, TUKET is the real head of the Kilaak race. Still, he is a good friend and mentor to the King.

General KULKAN

General Kulkan

The King's chief military adviser and Commander of the Kilaak fleet.

Captain PARSUS

Captain Parsus

Pilot of the TIKOLTEN.


Kilaak Command Ships
Kilaak Command Ship AFTERMATH Command Ship FLAMING FURY

The AFTERMATH (front view) and the FLAMING FURY (side view)

Main Frame Length: 60 Meters (197 feet)
Height: 15 meters (49 feet)
Appearance: A Kilaak Command Ship is smaller than a Warship. These are only assigned to the higher levels of military and government leaders, thus there are fewer of them. Command Ships look different from other Kilaak vessels, often adapted for the solar system they will be operating in. The hull can accommodate movable blade-like "arms" and is normally black in color.

General Kulkan's flagship and the mightiest warship in the Kilaak fleet.

Length: 500 Meters (1,640.42 feet)
Height: 100 Meters (328 feet)
Weapons: A variety of beam cannons capable of leveling an entire city within seconds. Instead of standard shields, the HELLRAISER has several armored layers that serve as a defense against attack.
Kilaak Warship
Kilaak Warship
(via Toho Kingdom)

Length: 80 Meters (262.5 feet)
Height: 20 Meters (65.5 feet)
Appearance: A Kilaak Warship is larger and more imposing than a Kilaak Fighter. It looks somewhat like a saucer but its bulging center is less prominent.
Kilaak Fighter

Kilaak Fighter saucer

Length: 10 Meters (32 feet)
Height: 7.5 Meters (25 feet)
Appearance: The typical Kilaak Fighter craft resembles a generic UFO: Disc-shaped and bulging at its center. It normally glows orange but turns white if its internal temperature drops dangerously low. In space, Kilaak ships tend to appear black while having a ghostly glow about them. This is due to the exceptional cold of space.

Kilaak saucer in Fire Dragon mode
'Fire Dragon' mode (via Toho Kingdom)

Kilaak Tank
Kilaak tank

(study model at the Moon Base)

Length: 24 Meters (80 feet)
Height: 6 Meters (20 feet)
Weapons: Primary incendiary round cannon


The History of the Nebulans

These denizens of Space Hunter M Nebula didn't come to our solar system until modern times after the Cosmos had departed and Space Hunter had become a waste dump from their careless disregard of trash.

Hedorah started out as only a number of small tadpoles which eventually merged into a single entity that thrived on the planet's pollution but spread its own toxic fumes, killing thousands. The remaining original Nebulans did manage to 'dispose' of the creature by capturing and imprisoning it on a comet but dozens more were being born on the polluted planet and the noxious environment was killing off the Nebulans. In time, those that remained died out completely.

Another highly intelligent species - insect-like creatures similar to the cockroaches of Earth who had been under the domination of the humanoids - could now rise to their full potential. They survived the ruination of the planet but it was a dying world that soon would not sustain ANY life. They built a star ship with which to colonize the Earth where they would live in disguise as humanoids and wipe out any species that challenged their plans to create a perfect world of peace and ecological balance.

It wasn't until 1971 that these later Nebulans moved into underground bases on Mars, the Moon and the Earth. A year later, they sought relations with Seatopia so as not to draw any opposition from the highly advanced civilization. The surface humans had no comparable technology to thwart any take-over plans they might devise. The Nebulans also acquired a cyborg called Gigan to assist them. They soon realized that other aliens wanted the Earth and prepared to hold on to it as they plotted their own devilish plans against just about... EVERYONE!

By 2005, Japan had become fed up with Godzilla's attacks on the country and the Nebulans made their move.


Fumio Subo conferring with fellow Nebulan Viceroy Kubota

The mastermind of the Nebulan's plan to conquer the Earth and Viceroy Kubota, photographed by Toho Kingdom

Should one meet this extraordinary individual, do not be surprised that in his human guise, Fumio would be almost anyone's ideal of the successful Japanese businessman. In appearance, he may seem somewhat taller than average (by Japanese standards, particularly) and maybe even a bit stocky in build. His thick black wavy hair and expensive tailored Armani suits would appear to contradict his youthful good looks.

When the Chairman speaks to his Nebulan associates, General Aso (in his younger days) would immediately come to mind. His command presence is evident, yet before an audience of average humanity, Fumio can be as inspiring and effective as the current favorite tele-vangelist shepherding his new flock to the Promised Land. As a matter of fact, Fumio made extensive study of the human species before undertaking the initial steps for the conquest of the planet.

Not one to underestimate an enemy, a wise leader will identify those who would oppose him or possibly, be of assistance. The latter was of particular concern due to the Earth being a rather democratic society in which dissenters will defend their opinions, as well as their homeland.

There was also the situation with several 'secret' factions which were not part of the general masses of humanity who might not be as easily dealt with. Under the ground dwelt the Seatopians, an ancient (and believed lost) kingdom led by their emperor, Antonio. Mu was another 'isolationist' society under the sea itself.

Their technology was far advanced of what the surface dwellers had at their disposal. Seeking assistance with his plans from the Seatopians seemed a very viable approach to the Chairman. They also had a monster 'guardian' they called Megalon which might prove useful.


Gigan (repaired)


Height: 120 meters (394 feet)
Weight: 60,000 tons
Powers/Weapons: Obtained by the Nebulans in 1972. By 2010, after the Earth had been weakened by monster attacks and attempted invasions, the Nebulans and Gigan would be ready to strike and crush the Earthlings once and for all!


Nebulan flagship

The center of Nebulan activity in our Solar System is presently hidden in the Asteroid Belt.

Length: 200 Meters (656.17 feet)
Height: 30 Meters (98.43 feet)
Weapons: Three laser turrets
Nebulan transport ship

Primary transport for the bulk of the Nebulan fighter craft and Earth contingent.

Length: 1,500 Meters (4,920 feet)

Height: 200 Meters (656.17 feet)
Weapons: None
Nebulan Fighter craft

Wingspan: 12 Meters (39.37 feet)
Weapons: Blasters and razor-sharp bladed wings that can slice through most objects and materials.
T17-B Satellite
Nebulan death ray satellite firing

Length: 200 meters (656 feet)
Weapons: Far more powerful version of laser beams used in the Godzilla Tower


It wasn't until about 65-57 million years ago that the peaceful Simeons on the third planet of what became known as the Black Hole Solar System started to come into their own but when they did, Gudis drained their sun of its energy. This was the death knell of their civilization as they knew it and were soon enslaved by the Borans.

The Simeons needed to develop a ruthless killer instinct in order to rebel against their masters and retake control of the world they called home. Over the years, many Simeons, such as Mugar, liked the power that came with this way of life and the Simeon Empire sought to regain its former glory. To this day, only select military personnel in high-ranking positions know the truth of their civilization's true past.

When Setei, their homeworld, was about to be sucked into the cosmic vortex, the highly intelligent and technologically advanced humanoids set out in a massive transport ship for Earth where they planned to make their new home. They soon realized that it was already populated so they would simply terminate its residents. Unfortunately, the 'humans' had inadvertently created a giant and unstoppable force of nature called GODZILLA.

The Simeons would quickly come to know that he is indeed the King of the Monsters, having defeated almost all of the other 'kaiju' populating the planet. They would need to dispose of him first if they wanted to kill off the Earthlings.

The insectoid Nebulans had also beaten them to the hospitable planet.

After two unsuccessful invasion attempts, the Simeons retreated to their dying homeworld where the elders of the Homeworld Council pooled their fabulous wealth together for the sole purpose of conquering the Earth. They hoped that their kind could forge a new life on Earth, no matter what the cost. It would take two decades to construct a huge transport ship to double as a base of operations on Earth, along with building a far more advanced Mechagodzilla.

Commander MUGAR

Mugar with Simeon blaster pistol

(In combat on Earth, 1973)

Mugar utterly despises the humans with every fiber of his being. In 1975, his and several other Simeon's ships were trying to flee after their second Earth invasion attempt. His craft was blown in half and he was thrown clear as the flaming wreckage came down. When Mugar hit the ground, several of the vertebrate in his spine were shattered, completely paralyzing him. He also had broken several bones and lost his right arm.

Through the miracle of Simeon medical technology, his spine was repaired, his arm re-attached and his many injuries healed. He chose to keep the scars, including the loss of his face, as a reminder of that day and his hatred for Godzilla and humanity. The long decades since have only intensified his rage.

To hide the scars on his body, he wears the full uniform of his office as Supreme Commander of the Simeon Army and a metallic mask resembling the visage of an ape.



Chief of Security and second in command after Mugar.

Chief Engineer TORU


A close and life-long friend of Chief Argon. With Argon's encouragement, Toru exceeded everyone's expectations with his work as Lead Programmer on Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus.

Not only are his engineering skills outstanding but he is able to apply tactics observed in human 'pro wrestling' to his battlefield programming of the two juggernauts.



A pilot in the Simeon Army who has a great hatred of the human race.

Private BORDU


An idealistic young Simeon who wonders if the aggressive approach the Simeons are taking toward the Earth is the way to get a new home.


Mecha Godzilla

Height: 100 meters (328 feet)
Weight: 80,000 tons
Weapons: The Simeons' ultimate weapon is constructed of sturdier materials than before. The elders of the Homeworlds Council pooled their fabulous wealth together for the sole purpose of conquering the Earth. What was spent on Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus could easily have built ten of the old Mechagodzillas.


Titanosaurus (upgraded)

Titanosaurus (Upgraded)

Height: 120 meters (394 feet)
Weight: 70,000 tons
Weapons: The elders of the Simeon Homeworlds Council pooled their fabulous wealth together for the sole purpose of conquering the Earth. What was spent on Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus could easily build ten of the old Mechagodzillas. Titanosaurus' body was recovered from the ocean in 2001 after his defeat by Godzilla some 25 years earlier.

As Chief Engineer of the recovery effort, Toru recommended it be augmented with cybernetic parts and new weaponry.


Simeon mothership

(Inter-stellar configuration)

All that remains of the Simeon race, its people, culture, technology and their entire world is housed within this titanic 43-mile vessel that took over 20 years to build.

Length: 7 kilometers (7,000 meters)
Height: 7 kilometers (7,000 meters)
Weapons: Two massive laser cannons
Two airborne Simeon Fighter ships

(aerial surveillance photo provided by Toho Kingdom)

Length: 16 Meters (52.49 feet)
Height: 4 Meters (13 feet)
Weapons: Twin lasers and missiles
Simeon battle tank)

Length: 11 Meters (36 feet)
Height: 9 Meters (29.53 feet)
Weapons: Twin armor-piercing cannons


SFD flag
Mysterians | Virans | Xians
Ken'trus, the Sub-Controller of Planet X, convinces King Koban of the Mysterians that together with the Virans, they can defeat the Kilaaks, subdue the Simeons, enslave mankind and control the Earth.


Originally from Space Hunter M Nebula, they are a member of the Space Force Directive.

Prior to the destruction of their adopted home world, they came to our solar system 100 million years ago and colonized a small planet located between Mars and Jupiter which they dubbed Mysteroid. Thus, they became known as the Mysterians.

Three million years ago, a rebellion occurred because of horrible mutations resulting from genetic experiments and nuclear testing. As a result, the Mysterians became two societies. It was their goal to wipe out the mutated ones whom they dubbed XIANS (or X-seijin), after the name of the experiment which created these deformed beings: Project X.

The Xians, not wanting to be destroyed, fought back and soon colonized a 'renegade' planet which they named Planet X. A great war raged between the Xians and the Mysterians that continues to this day. Capturing King Ghidorah from the other side of the galaxy, the Xians brought the Destroyer of Worlds to this solar system. Sensing that they would be defeated but unwilling to allow the Xians to unleash the wrath of King Ghidorah upon them, the Mysterians withdrew with heavy casualties. The females of their species were nearly wiped out or left infertile. The Mysterians have since worn humanoid 'suits' to hide their deformed appearance.

Years later, the Kilaaks destroyed their new home world (which created the Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars). They fled to Mars where they intended to rid themselves of any remaining deformities and re-populate with females. But, as history repeats itself, the remaining females revolted. The males, beaten and discouraged, planned to one day use the last of their kind for breeding: the Cosmos. Ill-equipped and dying out from their war with the Xians, they became the only aliens that the humans have ever defeated.

Recently, the Kilaaks arranged a trade with the Mysterians for genetic coding to alter King Ghidorah's DNA to transform him into Grand King Ghidorah.


King Koban
King of the Mysterians

Like so many others of his race, Lord Koban was born with a physical deformity, the skin on his right arm being withered and tough. Compared to most Mysterians, Koban is lucky but he still considered himself a freak during his adolescence. Eventually, he despised himself so much that he decided suicide was the only option to end his suffering.

It was at this time that his father lost his life during the failed attempt to take over the Earth. Koban became ruler of the Mysterians a few days later. Gone were his days of regret and sorrow for what he was. The power to control an entire race was in the palm of his hand.

Koban's rule is nothing short of Stalinist. Any and all things honoring previous rulers, including memorials, statues and even books, were destroyed and replaced with Koban's image and ideals. The administrators under his father's reign were killed and replaced with a council loyal to only him. The general populace wasn't spared from his wrath either.

Koban quickly set in motion a plan for a second attempt to conquer the Earth, building a vast army of new MOGERAs, space ships and various other technologies for the takeover. His subjects were kept under tight watch and anyone who did not contribute to the effort fully was killed, tortured or both.

Koban's personality is as cruel and twisted as his dictatorial kingship. He is a cowardly, pathetic creature and thinks his power can hide this. Koban craves power and feeds on it. With each new victory, his ego expands a hundredfold. As he has been feared and revered for most of his life now, he expects such from all beings, Mysterian or not. If he does not get his way, he implements methods of torture or death if he can. He loathes any creature that exhibits more power than he has and secretly plots their demise. Still, Koban is not the best tactician and most of the time, he relies on those around him to devise actual plans and attacks.


King Koban's Head Wife

When it comes to taking his many wives, King Koban only chooses the most attractive female specimens. One of those unfortunate few is a young Mysterian woman named Tara.

Aside from having to personally serve the tyrant whenever he might wish, she heads his personal staff which accompanies the King wherever he goes.

Tara is frequently beaten by Koban for even the smallest of mistakes but takes his abuse without complaint.

Darious Kugo

Leader of Earth Operations and ex-General of the Earth-based Mysterian Army

Darius Kugo is a six foot tall, seventy year old Mysterian who was a General during the first Mysterian attack on Earth. He was also a good friend of the father of King Koban. When the Mysterian dome came under attack during the first invasion, a piece of shrapnel was headed straight for the King. Kugo leapt in front of it, taking a direct hit in the eye. He later had the damaged organ replaced with a gold bionic one.

When Koban came to power, all of the former King's staff were eliminated but Kugo was spared because of his experience with Earth warfare. Although he highly despises Koban, Kugo plays the role of his loyal subject to maintain his present position.

King Kong attacks America

The Vanguard by Pyras Terran

Height: 95 meters (312 feet)
Weight: 55 metric tons (60,627 tons)
Powers/Abilities: The Cosmos created enlarged versions of animals, such as Godzillasaurus, Anguirusaurus, Rodan, etc. to combat Death Ghidorah and other threats to the Earth from the wildlife on the Mu continent. This was partly accomplished by feeding them a certain red berry that grew there.

In 1962, the U.N. submarine Sea Hawk was investigating strange warm temperatures in the Bering Sea when it ran into a glowing iceberg which held Godzilla. He had been trapped there for seven years but was soon heading for Japan.

At the same time, Faro Island, located in the Pacific Ocean, was under study for its strange berries with promising medicinal properties and occupied by a giant ape named King Kong after his smaller, deceased relative. Kong was taken from the island by corporate interests seeking to use him as the greatest advertising gimmick in history. However, he broke free and swam to Japan where he fought Godzilla, becoming the first creature to take down the mighty saurian.

This strong, proud ape was never beaten in battle against man or beast but that was the Kong of the past. The new Kong was taken from his home by the Mysterians who showed him true power. They fitted him with sleeves of an alloy which let him not only control lightning and harness its powers but create it as well.

MOGERA lifting off

Height: 90 meters (295 feet)
Mass: 50,000 metric tons (55,115 tons)
Powers/Abilities: Hoping to take over the Earth after their first failure, the Mysterians enhanced much of their previous technology. Besides outfitting the robots with greater intelligence, durability and capabilities, the Mysterians can produce them by the hundreds. These are stronger, faster and smarter than the robots that were originally used in 1957.

The MOGERAs can be remotely fed data from a central computer, such as weak spots in structures, information on opponents, etc. They do not need to be guided in their every move by remote control and have a level of artificial intelligence that can determine what battle tactics to use. Once their mission is programmed, it is impossible for the MOGERAs to not carry it out unless instructed otherwise. They have no purpose besides accomplishing the mission that is set forth for them.

If more than one MOGERA is on the battlefield and 'thinks' it has a strategy that would assist them, it communicates this to its companions instantaneously. They will then decide if it would be effective and proceed accordingly. MOGERAs are also ideal for terraforming.



Mysterian war ship

Length: 300 Meters (984 feet)
Height: 50 Meters (164 feet)
Weapons: Capable of firing both laser beams and nuclear warheads


Mysterian transport ship

(Photographed by Toho Kingdom)

Length: 1,000 Meters (3,280 feet)
Height: 150 Meters (492 feet)

Primary transport for the bulk of the Mysterian fighter craft and the MOGERA army.


Mysterian fighter craft

Length: 11 Meters (36 feet)
Height: 5 Meters (16 feet)
Weapons: Laser blasters


Mysterian tank

Length: 9 Meters (26.53 feet)
Height: 5 Meters (16 feet)
Weapons: A variety of beams and missiles

A nearly completed Mysterian dome

(Photographed by Toho Kingdom)

Length: Variable
Height: Variable


These strange creatures are the third party to make up the Space Force Directive alliance. Not much is known about them by humanity other than:
  1. Virans like cold temperatures more than heat.
  2. They have hidden at least three Viras monsters in asteroids. Push a few buttons on the AZAG-THOTH and the asteroids blow, releasing the monsters against their enemies.
  3. The Virans can combine.
  4. The Virans are looking for Dogolas (referred to as Qu'thulos), a 'bio-weapon' they created. Somehow, it landed on Earth and got buried deep underground near the Earth's core.
  5. They have developed terraformation procedures.
  6. In 1968, they came to Earth but were defeated by Gamera.
Master C'SERIS

The Viran Commander and Captain of the AZAG-THOTH.

C'seris is one of many Virans who underwent genetic modification. Instead of having silver scales like most Virans, he has a blue-green color. His tentacles, of which there are twice the usual number, are tipped with barbs on the end and his head is more rounded, like an octopus rather than a squid.


The counselor/adviser to the Master or Captain of the AZAG-THOTH. He closely resembles a silver tree trunk topped with a series of peels similar to leaves. This Viran has six tentacles and a triangular face on the 'trunk's' front side.

Iodrakas appears to be made of a striking red metal, with tentacles replaced by robotic limbs. Each has a series of multi-purpose tools.

At first glance, Iodrakas could be mistaken for a machine but underneath the metal is the remains of an organic Viran who was caught in an explosion. Heavy cyborging now keeps him alive. His computer-enhanced senses can pick up the presence of other life forms or electronically eavesdrop on another room.

Combined Viras

Viran star ship

The Modular Stat Transport (star ship) of the Viran contingent in our Solar System is also the personal ship of Master C'seris.

It is identical in appearance and size to other Viran ships other than a slightly reddish color and far more powerful beam weapons.

Length: 90 Meters (295 feet)
Height: 30 Meters (98.43 feet)
Weapons: Several beam weapons also can combine their fire into a single, focused more powerful burst.

(Photographed by Toho Kingdom)
A 'bio-weapon' the Virans created. It somehow landed on Earth and got buried deep underground near the Earth's core. The monster has a HUGE brain, making it a mostly psychic kaiju.
Height: 150 meters(492 feet)
Weight: 75,000 tons
Powers/weapons: ESP; telepathy; mind control; tele-kinesis - all uncharted with unknown limits.


Xians Sar'rious, Ken'trus, Rentis and Unit 369
(L. to R.) Sar'rious, Ken'trus, Rentis and Unit 369 pose for Toho Kingdom

The lead member of the Space Force Directive alliance, conceived by Sub-Controller Ken'trus.

Not much was heard from the Xians after they attacked the Earth in 1966 and were defeated, keeping to themselves on Planet X since that time.

Originally from Space Hunter M Nebula, their ancestors came to our solar system 100 million years ago prior to the destruction of their home world. The Mysterians had colonized a small planet located between Mars and Jupiter which they dubbed Mysteroid.

Three million years ago, a rebellion occurred because of horrible mutations resulting from genetic experiments and nuclear testing. As a result, the Mysterians became two societies. It was the goal of the Mysterians to wipe out the mutated ones whom they dubbed XIANS (or X-seijin), after the name of the experiment which created these deformed beings in the first place: Project X.

The Xians, not wanting to be destroyed, fought back and soon colonized a 'renegade' planet orbiting beyond Jupiter which they named Planet X. They moved underground and were soon considering various plots to conquer the Earth, for Planet X is dark and distant from the life-giving sun. Although its surface temperature is comfortable, the atmospheric pressure is half that of the Earth and its gravity two thirds. A great war would rage between the Xians and the Mysterians and continues to this day.

Capturing King Ghidorah from the other side of the galaxy, the Xians brought the Destroyer of Worlds to our solar system. Sensing that they would lose but unwilling to allow the Xians to unleash the wrath of King Ghidorah upon them, the Mysterians withdrew.

Both societies lost a great number of females in the war and to mutations and radiation exposure. The Xians' solution was cloning. Possibly because of a flaw in their procedures, the lack of donors or due to the Xian ideal of beauty, all the women look exactly alike.

Now, with the ambitious Ken'trus coming into his own and the Xians' discovery of light-speed travel, the Earth would no doubt be hearing from Planet X once again.

SAR'RIOUS (Number One)
The uncle of Ken'trus and Controller of Planet X. He masterminded the attacks on Earth in 1964-5.
KEN'TRUS (Number Two)
Ken'trus is a ruler, or Sub-Controller, of Planet X and second in command. He is also the nephew of the top Xian, Sar'rious and a born leader. He has a sense of superiority due to being a Kaiser. As such, he is enabled with special powers such as telepathy, mind control over M-Base DNA and anti-gravity; electrical shocks, super strength and agility.

His physical appearance looks to be somewhere in the late-20s in Earth years, if not a bit older. He has a powerful-sounding voice when he needs to demand the attention of his listeners. Ken'trus is also very honorable and would rather die in battle than lose a war.

Sar'rious serves as his 'adviser' of sorts, giving him tips, suggestions and advice on matters, especially when it comes to combat. Ken'trus almost always welcomes his input and respects him.

Ken'trus is also a thinker. If all seems lost, he will come up with a solution, such as Project X.

Rentis and Ken'trus share a 'special' relationship with each other; not brotherly but closer than most other Xians will ever get to have with Ken'trus as the Xians are a rather cold people. Rentis would have been destroyed because of the errors of his parents but Ken'trus recognized his great potential in time to save him and use him as his lackey.


The 'son' of Ken'trus, he was genetically engineered to be 100% Kaiser.
Chief of the Xian Science Unit.

Rentis is a younger and smaller Xian compared to Ken'trus. His mother, Miss Namikawa, the Xian spy who turned traitor, left him 'marked' as her son. His father, Glenn, was a human, thus making him a half-breed.

After learning that she was with child, Miss Namikawa had the embryo removed and left to grow as a 'test-tube baby'. Rentis normally would have been destroyed because of the errors of his parents but Ken'trus recognized his great potential in time to save him and use him as his lackey.

It is not uncommon to see Rentis overseeing projects in Ken'trus' behalf, checking up on other's doings or inventing new weapons such as Monster X. Despite his heritage, Rentis does have a certain level of respect among his fellow Xians and he and Ken'trus share a special relationship with each other, closer than most others will ever get to have with the Sub-Controller, for the Xians are a rather cold people. Rentis also suffers 'human emotion attacks', as the Xians call it. Being half-human, he is able to show more emotion than a typical Xian is able or willing to. However, he doesn't really try to fight his human side. If anything, he embraces it.

Monster X amid destruction he caused

Monster X completes a training session on Planet X

This genetically engineered bio-technology creation based on King Ghidorah's DNA can act with free will to an extent while executing orders and commands from the Xian mother ship. It is empowered by Ic'den's life-force, much like Asagi did with Gamera. No special artifacts or anything physical are needed to make these connections.

Thanks to the Xians' new developments in 'brain wave' technology, Ic'den is able to 'connect' at will with Monster X, just as he would with the Xian computers.


Xian mothershsip)

Length: 2,000 Meters (6,561.68 feet)
Height: 2,000 Meters (6,561.68 feet)

Xian fighter craft

Length: 15 Meters (49.21 feet)
Height: 7 Meters (23 feet)
Weapons: Laser machine gun

Xian walkers operating at night

Height: 16 Meters (52 feet)
Weapons: Single beam cannon


Ulraman Great

Height: 90 meters (295 feet)
Weight: 35,000 tons
Weapons/Special Abilities: A variety of energy blasts from his hands and fingers that differ in size, power and effect; ptotectivr force field.

Z-TON alien

Z-ton alien

Height: 100 meters (328 feet)
Weight: 45,000 tons
Weapons/Special Abilities:




Presently confined at Monsterland, this kaiju is presumed to be the "father" of Anguirus Junior.

Height: 90 meters (295 feet)
Length: 160 meters (525 meters)
Weight: 60,000 tons
Weapons/Special Abilities: Spiked carapace; Flying Carapace Slam.


Anguirus Junior

Hatched in Moscow from an egg found by a Japanese-Russian survey team on Iwato Island. It likely remained dormant because of the cold environment. When placed in an incubator, it quickly regained viability.

Results from trying to date the egg shell were inconclusive but it is theorized that it belonged to the original Anguirus discovered on Iwato Island in 1955, possibly defending its territory and nest from the second Godzilla which it was observed in battle with. That Anguirus, the remains of which have been identified as female, may well have been the mother. The male was away at the time.

It is assumed that after the female's death in Osaka, he returned to guard the egg until he was captured a few years later and brought to Monsterland.

The new kaiju will be studied and cared for by Prof. Kenji Kamaiya, one of the top Kaijuologists and his apprentice, Cillian Bakker, until transferred to Monsterland.



Presently confined at Monsterland.

Height: 80 meters (262 feet)
Length: 140 meters (459 feet)
Weight: 50,000 tons
Weapons/Special Abilities:


"Now it sleeps but if our enemies become too strong, Battra will help us"

Battra Larva

Height: 120 meters (395 feet)
Length: 160 meters (525 feet)
Weight: 37,700 tons
Weapons/Special Abilities:

Battra adult

Height: 19 meters (62 feet)
Length: 80 meters (262.4 feet)
Weight: 44,544 tons
Wingspan: 220 meters (722 feet)
Weapons/Special Abilities: Biography: Created 12,000 years ago by the Cosmos, Battra (meaning 'battle' in the Cosmos language) nearly destroyed them because of their mechanizations and warring amongst themselves.

The Doubijin developed the black moth to conquer the world and dominate the new species of Man when they were beginning to evolve.


Biollante in Rose Form

(Photographed by Toho Kingdom)

Height: 90 meters (295 feet)
Length: Unknown
Weight: 100,000 tons
Weapons/Special abilities:
Biollante Final Form

Height: 140 meters, 459 feet
Length: 170 meters, 558 feet
Weight: 220,000 tons
Weapons/Special Abilities: Biography: The physical avatar/spirit of Gaia and the guardian of the Earth, Biollante can sense what is taking place on the planet.

She is a living representation of the spirit of the Earth and can draw strength from the primal forces of nature itself (the life force of the planet, Mana). Biollante can also transfer her energy/life force via her spores and has the ability to regenerate herself using the soil and plants.


National Guard tank battling a Black Scorpion Helicopter approaching a Black Scorpion

(Classified U.S. Army archive photos c. 1957)

Length: Variable - 15 meters or longer
Weight: Variable
Weapons/Special Abilities: Stinger; Powerful pincers

Extremely large prehistoric scorpions had both the vicious pincers of modern-day large arthropods and the lethal venom of smaller scorpions. They may have even presented some problems for the massive dinosaurs. The more mass a creature has, the greater the fatal dose of any type of poison it might employ.

For their size, scorpions are very powerful and durable. Arthropods are the proportionally fastest, strongest, most durable and most agile creatures in the animal kingdom. Given their great proportional strength, the Black Scorpions should be able to knock a kaiju down and keep it down while they inject the needed amount of venom to finish the creature off.

Scorpions are also extremely resistant to radiation, blunt force and heat.



Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Weapons/Special Abilities: An ancient Muuvian legend spoke of a terrible primordial force of nature that existed centuries ago on Ishikagi in the Okinawan Island chain. A now extinct offshoot race of the Muuvians known as the Lemurians lived there at the time. The creature in question bore the name Cal-tiki and the Lemurians worshipped it during their time on Earth.

The legend goes that it would awaken and consume anything that lived if the natural balance or order of the planet's life force was disturbed or damaged in any way. It was also said that 65 million years ago, a terrible force of evil referred to only as the King of Terror arrived on Earth, initiating Cal-tiki's revival. The evil from beyond eventually wiped the planet clean of substantial life, after which Cal-tiki went dormant again.

More recently, it was believed to have also appeared in Tikel, Mexico, in 1959. The description of both occurrences is that of a carnivorous alien organism; a shapeless, glowing luminescent green blob that devoured everything in its path. If the Earth's Mana weakened, it would rise again.

This terrible abomination was thought to be the centerpiece of certain Mayan beliefs as far back as 607 A.D. It is not known exactly how it might have been contained back then but evidence indicates that a massive fire may have been involved. An aged priest of the area still believed in the ancient legends of Cal-tiki as a Mayan goddess since it can add to its mass by absorbing water.


Death Ghidorah

Height: 168 meters, (551 feet)
Weight: 97,642 tons
Length: 216 meters; (708 feet)
Wingspan: 245 meters; (804 feet)
Weapons/Special abilities: Biography: A king ruled over his growing domain and had little worry until his empire came under attack by the Millennians. Having never needed weapons before, the Iron Empire had no way of fighting back.

Only one hope remained for their salvation. Blood samples were taken from several known biological organisms (including the invaders), cloned and combined into a new artificial being. The creature was implanted with technological advances in pyrotechnics and energy absorption. This first born soon came to be known as Death Ghidorah, 'Ghidorah' being the word for 'terror' in their language. The beast was created to fight the biological filth from which it had been cloned but even its great power could not overcome their terrible forces.

Death Ghidorah proved to be more of a planet killer than a destroyer of civilizations. He came to Earth 65 million years ago after ravaging Mars and almost destroyed all life on our planet, including the dinosaurs. He was finally sealed away with a mystical device the Cosmos had created.

Millions of years later in 1997, Death Ghidorah was released from his tomb by a human. With the combined forces of Mothra Leo, her mother and the 'Seal of Elias', he was again secured.



Height: 30 meters (98 feet)
Length: 100 meters (328 feet)
Weight: 50,000 tons
Weapons: Massive claws

Presently confined at Monsterland.


Frankenstein regenerated

Height: 75 meters (246 feet)
Weight: 35,000 tons
Weapons/Special abilities: Regeneration of injuries and lost limbs; severed parts can take on a life of their own.

Scientists recovered what remained of Frankenstein after his watery death off the coast of Hiroshima at the hands of the Devilfish in 1964 and placed it in a top secret government lab for study. Over time, the creature's body regenerated. Precautions are in place to prevent his escape.


Female and male Gappa
The female and male Gappa

The male Gappa is the same one that had been kidnapped from its island home as a hatchling in 1967. He is now fully grown and with a mate and offspring of his own. They live peacefully on Obelisk Island off the coast of Japan.


Garasharp coiled around a skyscraper

Length: 4,000 meters
Weight: 780,000 tons
Weapons/Special abilities:


Giant Ameba

Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Weapons/Special abilities:



Height: 100 meters (328 feet)
Length: 216 meters (656 Feet)
Mass: 60,000 metric tons (66,000 tons)
Powers/weapons: Biography: One of several dinosaurs mutated by the Cosmos around 65,000,000 BC in case Death Ghidorah returned. The Godzillasaurus survived extinction on remote Lagos Island until it was awakened and mutated even further by H-Bomb testing.

After raiding Tokyo in 1954, it was killed by a secret weapon known as the Oxygen Destroyer. Another Godzilla appeared a year later, discovered in battle with another Cosmos-mutated dinosaur, an Anguirusaurus. This new Godzilla went on to fight a host of monsters and alien invaders over the next twenty years.

While laying dormant, it was captured and imprisoned at Monsterland in 1999.


Godzilla Junior in the water

Height: 90 meters (295 feet)
Weight: 45,000 tons
Powers/weapons: Atomic ray; Super Regeneration (G-Cells)

In 1967 on Sollgel Island, a baby Godzillasaurus hatched from an enormous egg that had been buried under a mound of rock and dirt. It grew from a small herbivorous dinosaur into a 40-meter tall kaiju, much more closely resembling its adopted father, Godzilla.

Though now at Monsterland, the world's foremost facility of kaiju observation, study and captivity, Godzilla Junior was never raised by humans.



Height: 90 meters (295 feet)
Weight: 55,000 tons
Powers/weapons: Thick hide; burrowing ability; tail remains alive and functional if severed.



Height: 90 meters (295 feet)
Height: 40,000 tons
Powers/weapons: Biting jaws; powerful Kangaroo Kick

Gorosaurus is presently living peacefully at Monsterland.



Length: 85 meters (279 feet)
Weight: 70,000 tons


Hedorah advancing on the ground

Hedorah came to Earth on a comet in 1971 from Nebula M Space Hunter but was defeated by Godzilla.


King Ghidorah in flight

(Photographed by Toho Kingdom)

Height: 200 meters (656 feet)
Wingspan: 252 meters (827 feet)
Mass: 81,646 Metric Tons (90,000 tons)
Powers/Weapons: Biography: A king ruled over his growing domain and had little worry until the advent of the Millennians. Having never needed weapons before, the Iron Empire had no way of fighting back.

A far greater instrument of war than his brother, Death Ghidorah, was needed that did not require a biological body to survive, could attack and kill any threat that dared challenge him and was intelligent and strong enough to completely eradicate all biological civilization.

The King was the only member of his race qualified to carry out this grave responsibility. His best scientists combined his essence with the same biological material that had been used to create Death Ghidorah. But this time, a strategic gravity weapon and even more powerful energy absorbing capabilities were granted. Taking the energy of a forming star and concentrating it with organic particles drilled from a comet, King Ghidorah was created.

One advantage that biological organisms held was that they could evolve and adapt to changing conditions, thus coming closer to perfection than ever before. Combined with the King's incredible iron will and strength, a new beast was born that would forever change the face of the universe. The King of Terror would prove to be more powerful than Death Ghidorah from the start.

The Millennians were driven back by the combined strength of King Ghidorah and his fellow brute. After destroying the home planet of the Millennians, they were caught in a super nova and presumed dead by their masters as their control devices had shorted out. But even after he had been released from their control, King Ghidorah carried out his programming on still more hapless worlds.

Like his brother, Death Ghidorah, King Ghidorah was endowed with the power to literally suck the energy from living beings. When retreating from the Earth monsters, he stumbled upon a massive supply of life-giving energy that he hadn't noticed on other planets because by the time he was done with them, there was little left of it to notice or use.

King Ghidorah had discovered the Earth's Mana. Unlike its atmosphere or magnetic field which he could only bend to his will in an area directly around him, he found that he could use it to empower himself, heal his wounds and gain great strength. The energy quenched his thirst for death as well because he knew it would have adverse effects on the planet.

He also realized that he would eventually wipe out all life in the universe and be left with nothing. Enough life force must remain so that the planets he ravaged would thrive once more. He kept a close eye on them and when they were ripe with life, he returned to his feeding grounds.

But Earth was different in that it fought back. For the first time in his long life, King Ghidorah was forced to retreat. Humanity blamed pollution, industrial waste and nuclear materials for things such as global warming and the hole in the ozone layer. King Ghidorah himself caused all of these things, feeding on its Mana.

King Ghidorah first came to our galaxy in the Earth year 1954 when the Xians captured him and reactivated the control device to use as a threat against the Mysterians. Unwilling to allow the creature to destroy them, the Mysterians looked to Earth for refuge, only to be driven away. The Xians, intrigued by the strong will of the Earthlings, sent King Ghidorah against them. He was repelled as well but they tried again and failed.

Ghidorah was trapped on Planet X until the Kilaaks 'bought' him from the Xians in 1999. A large part of their plan was for King Ghidorah to attack the Earth and be so horribly wounded that he would consume massive amounts of Mana to heal himself, thus weakening the planet's defenses and making it all the more easy to conquer. Instead, he was killed by the Earth monsters and buried near Mount Fuji, seemingly ending his long career of destruction.



Height: 4 meters (13 feet)
Weight: 500 kilograms



Height: 90 meters (294 feet)
Weight: 90,000 tons
Powers/Weapons: Webbing; Poison Stinger

Kumonga is presently confined at Monsterland.


Majin statue

Height: Variable
Weight: Variable


Megaguirus in flight

Length: 100 meters(328 feet)
Wingspan: 160 meters(525 feet)
Weight: 24,000 tons



Height: 100 meters (328 feet)
Wingspan: 200 meters (656 feet)
Weight: 30,000 tons
Powers/Weapons: Tremendous flying speed; Wings create powerful wind blasts.
Around 65,000,000 BC, Death Ghidorah ravaged the Earth and 70 percent of all life went extinct, including the dinosaurs. The few that survived (such as godzillasaurus, pteranodon rodan and ankylosaurus) became radovore mutations in case he returned.

When the first Rodan evolved, a battle for dominance in the skies began but was cut short with the arrival of Death Ghidorah. The Rodan family fed on the Meganula, a species of large insect that had been around since before the dinosaurs.

The few remaining Rodans sought shelter in volcanos such as Mount Aso. Looking for energy to feed on, the Meganurons were also drawn to the thermal chambers; prisons where their species would be trapped for the next 65 million years. Megaguirus, the queen of the Meganurons, was trapped in Mount Aso where the eggs she laid hatched into the Meganurons that fed the Rodans.

Like many of the kaiju that once roamed free across Japan, Rodan is now confined at Monsterland.


Varan on the ground Varan in flight
Varan in repose and airborne (captured in flight by Toho Kingdom)

Height: 75 meters (246 feet)
Weight: 35,000 tons
Powers/Weapons: Gliding ability

Transferred to Monsterland from his island home, this amphibious kaiju can also take to the air to elude the facility's control mechanisms.



Mana is the life force of a planet. Some call it Earth's soul. Life creates Mana, from the smallest bacteria to the largest trees, as do humans and all living creatures. In return, Mana sustains life; a kind of symbiosis. Both sides of the equation support one another. Without life, there can be no Mana and without Mana, there can be no life. Without Mana or with little Mana, a planet becomes inhospitable or even uninhabitable. - Darth Reaper

The accepted Kaiju universe definition is 'the biospheric life energy that maintains and pervades planets with life'. Some Kaiju exhibit a connection to or the ability to manipulate this energy for their own purposes. Gamera can use it to heal his injuries and for his Mana Beam, although the vast amount of energy it uses destabilizes the Earth's environment.

Pollution and other ecological degradation damages the Earth's Mana, leading to famine, natural disasters and extinction. By 1995, modern civilization had damaged the Earth's Mana again. It reached the same low levels it had during the time of Atlantis, creating the right environment for the Gyaos to thrive. Should the dormant Gyaos eggs hatch, Gamera will awaken once again to continue his war against them.

Thousands of years ago, Atlantis used technology that fed off this abundant energy source, causing serious damage to it. They created the Gyaos, which fed on humans and flocked to areas of low Mana. They then created Gamera to fight the Gyaos. Gamera killed most of the Gyaos off and went into hibernation, allowing the planet's life force to heal. There are still dormant eggs. Should Mana levels drop on a global scale, it would cause serious damage to the Earth and the Gyaos would begin hatching. - Baryonyx13

Mothra also can be assumed to use Mana to power its rapid development from larva to adult, as well as its energy-based arsenal.

On the other end of the spectrum, this energy is what King Ghidorah eats, first by slaughtering the inhabitants of the planet to free up their Mana, then by systematically draining it. The cataclysms caused by this draining affect the remaining living beings, adding more energy to the pool to be harvested. Those planets fully predated become barren and devoid of life.

Mana is not a purely benign force, however. It is life and life is indiscriminate. Even 'foes' of mankind, such as Battra, use Mana. Battra, as a defender of nature, probably has as much (if not more) access to Mana as Mothra who is a protector of 'life'. It is easy to categorize life as 'good', in the purest sense that it is a neutral concept. Mana could be considered like the 'yang' energy in that while it is necessary for all things, it can also destroy or be used for 'evil'. - Berserk Seraph

Among Pacific Islander beliefs, Mana is an impersonal force that magic users can use for good. It can be thought of as the life energy produced by living things. When there is enough of it, good magic can be used. On the opposite end, bad magic uses death. - Juan

Gaia is the planet itself and is alive. We are merely extensions of its energy. When we die, the experience and knowledge that we have obtained lets the planet grow and mature and to create new life. - ReaperGoji777


Atlantis is a legendary continent that sank into the ocean around 12,000 years ago. When the Cosmos first arrived on Earth, they created many beautiful cities on the sub-continent of Mu.

Atlantis quickly became a thriving metropolis on the large spit of land it occupied, having access to the open sea as well as a sheltered natural harbor. The Atlanteans sought to sever themselves from the mainland and created the Gyaos to destroy their oppressors. A monster that resembled a Japanese beetle that was native to Space Hunter M Nebula called Megalon suddenly appeared. Kaishin Muba, the god of the sea, rose up and engaged the strange creature in a fierce battle, sending it fleeing toward Seatopia with a massive wall of water. Kashin Muba wasn't seen again for two years.

The Gyaos saw their chance and turned their cutting rays on their creators. Again, Kaishin Muba rose from the depths but the Gyaos pressed their attack, forcing the guardian toward the center of the city. A few followed and in a final attempt to protect the kingdom, Kaishin Muba raised a shield around the great metropolis.

The King took this opportunity to call upon the giant turtle named Gamera to overcome this plague he had created. Kaishin Muba lowered the shield and the two guardians attacked the ever-increasing black clouds of Gyaos. A laser blast shot through Kaishin Muba's heart and the great beast fell to the ground and died. Gamera was overcome with rage and shot a gigantic plasma fireball at the huge flock of attackers, incinerating all but one which fled and went into hiding. The King cast a spell on Gamera and put the new guardian to sleep, only to awaken should the Gyaos ever return or when the Earth itself needed his help.

The global temperature fluctuated dangerously after the destruction of the Cosmos' weather machines during the great battles that were waged and plunged rapidly, causing another ice age. After an earthquake and flood, Mu sank beneath the waves of the Pacific and Atlantis broke away from the mainland.



Height: 80 meters (262 feet)
Weight: 50,000 tons
Powers/Weapons: Gamera was created by the Atlanteans who had built many prototypes but none worked until the Earth imbued one with the Earth Spirit - a soul. The Graveyard in the Marianas Trench was the destination of the failed prototypes, as well as the Atlantean dead. Gamera was also chosen to be the Earth's guardian.

In 1968, the Virans attacked the Earth and were defeated by Gamera. In 1980, this giant turtle flew off into space to repel an invasion by the Zanons, leaving a brother who would awaken should the Earth's Mana decrease to dangerous levels and the Gyaos return.

Gamera can use Mana to heal his injuries and for his Mana Beam, although the vast amount of energy it requires can impact the Earth's environment.


A Gyaos

Created by the Atlanteans who lost control of them, resulting in the kingdom becoming extinct. The Gyaos were eventually contained by Gamera but their eggs exist in ancient places around the world. Should Mana (the life force of the Earth) get too low, the Gyaos will awaken but so would Gamera.


Kaishin Muba underwater

Height: 100 meters
Length: 230 meters
Powers/Weapons/Abilities: Origin/History: Kaishin Muba rose from the sea to protect Atlantis from Megalon when he landed in the heart of the country from deep space. A few years later, Kaishin Muba returned to fight the Gyaos alongside Gamera and died in that battle.


Okinawa is a 1,000 kilometer-long chain of hundreds of islands known as the Ryukyus which extends southwest from Kyushu to Taiwan.

The Cosmos colonized the Earth around 100 million years ago, settling in the interior of the great sub-continent of Mu. The calm, spiritual Okinawans resided on the eastern shore when the empire began to break up around 12,000 years ago. Atlantis severed itself from those who called themselves the Muuvians and would further divide off into Seatopians and the Okinawans who only wanted to keep to themselves.

An invasion force soon threatened to over run Okinawa but before dying, an aging priest called upon their gods to create a guardian to protect his kinsmen. King Seesar came forth to destroy those who would oppress the people and then buried himself in a seaside cliff until called upon again to protect the kingdom. The Okinawans, awed by this mighty creature, created countless statues based on him called Shisa.

The Seatopians on the western side of the continent decided to leave the Empire also. Battra nearly destroyed the new nations as their fighting was bringing ruin to the planet itself. Unfortunately, a great earthquake and flood nearly wiped them out, leaving Mu and Seatopia to rebuild as undersea and underground civilizations. Only Okinawa remained visible but was reduced to a series of separate islands.


King Seesar

Height: 100 meters (328 feet)
Weight: 60,000 tons
Powers/Weapons: Able to catch laser energy with its eyes and fire it back.
When the Okinawans were threatened by a Muuvian invasion force, a dying priest called upon his gods to create a guardian to protect his kinsmen. King Seesar, a giant lion-like beast, came forth to destroy the trespassers and then buried itself in a seaside cliff until called upon again to protect the kingdom.


Major GAREY ADAMS, U.S.M.C. (Retired)

Garey Adams and 3 of his platoon members

Garey Adams (left) and some of his fellow platoon members re-unite in Hawaii (2006)

Now residing in Tokyo, Japan, Garey is a close friend of Kaijuologist Cillian Bakker.


Cillian Bakker

Born in Ireland, his family moved to Philadelphia in 1989. He came to Tokyo due to his schooling in Kaijuology. Cillian will be studying the new baby Anguirusaurus at Monsterland under Prof. Kenji Kamaiya, one of the world's top Kaijuologists.


Richard Cromley

A wealthy New York industrialist and entrepreneur who also collects rare and valuable artifacts. Furthering his wealth and power is his major goal in life, no matter the cost


Arwen Erickson

Daughter of Professor Dale Erickson.


Professor Dale Erickson

The leading expert on Mothra and the ancient Cosmos civilization although he hasn't observed her in person.

Another project he had worked on for years was a success when he managed to extract a carbon copy of his and his wife's memory synapses and inject them into a small sphere no larger than a pinky fingernail. He believed that their memories might somehow prove useful to future generations.


Ayami Itchibana

Her family are descendants of those who bore witness to the power of Majin centuries ago. The legend has been passed down from one generation to the next.

In an increasingly modernized and jaded Japan, there are few left who believe that Majin ever actually existed.


Kenji Kamaiya

One of the world's top Kaijuologists, he was dispatched to Moscow where an Anguirus egg was taken after its discovery. He and his apprentice, Cillian Bakker, will continue studying the young kaiju when it is transferred to Monsterland.


Mayor Ogawa reviews the state of his city

Like so many other administrators, the Mayor of Sagamihara is hoping new economic stimulus will come to his struggling community.


Hiromi Osada

An ambititious young reporter for NI-ICHI NEWS, this hard-nosed journalist will go to any lengths to get a story.