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The Invasion of Tokyo

At the Nebulan headquarters, Fumio was about to set another devious plan into motion. "Our seismic indicators show something moving underground that matches Megalon's form and size dimensions, Chairman. Shall we deploy our false fleet?" Kubota asked.

"Can crashed ships be traced back to us if they are salvaged?"

"No, Chairman. They departed from our flagship on the dark side of the Moon, hidden from any earthly scanning or monitoring devices."

"Then the order is given, Kubota. The attack should draw him out," Fumio figured.


In Akiruno on the western outskirts of Tokyo, people fled screaming in terror as a fleet of Natalan space craft swept in from the west, decimating buildings and people alike in short order. Their ray beams could super-freeze whatever they hit in seconds, causing the target to shatter like glass from the sudden and violent temperature change. The ships that now attacked were automated and possessed no pilots as this was merely a ploy to attract Megalon's attention. They were remnants of the original Natal invasion force that had been downed in 1959 and recovered by the Nebulans and rebuilt. Nearly 80,000 residents faced certain death but someone else had different plans in mind.

A group of about five ships were suddenly blown out of the sky as the rest veered off to locate the cause of the disruption. Megalon was flying right at them, blasting away with his horn beam. The fleet scattered as he tore through the formation, downing even more ships in the process. Several gave chase, firing their lasers at the Seatopian guardian but Megalon evaded them, pulling off a back-flip in mid-air that put him directly behind the once-trailing space craft. They would all have been obliterated by his beam had not two groups of ships flanked him with their freeze rays, hitting him from both sides. The beams partially froze his wings and he soon lost altitude.

Grounded, the Natalan ships dove in. What they didn't expect was for Megalon to start jumping up into the air and smashing them with his drills. He then unleashed a combination of his horn beam and napalm pods, picking the craft off left and right. Other ships that had kept their distance opened fire once more. Megalon's right arm was quickly frozen and encased in ice. A second later, his left leg was immobilized as well. More annoyed than anything, Megalon quickly remedied the situation as he forced his right arm drill to start spinning within its icy glove to shatter the ice and free it. He then slammed his left drill against the ice on his leg with similar results. As the Natalan ships came around for another pass and fired, Megalon ducked and rolled before burrowing underground and out of sight. The craft continued to search the area but there was no sign of him.

Having finally broken the ice off his wings, Megalon exploded forth from underground. He shot up into the sky directly at the fleet, firing his horn beam and explosive pods at the same time. Kamikazeed by several ships, Megalon plummeted out of the sky and came crashing down hard, cutting a swath of destruction through the heart of the city with his titanic frame, leveling buildings and killing many innocent people. As he groggily got up, he was hit with combined freeze beams from the flying automatons. Megalon crossed his arms in front in an attempt to shield himself from the blast but the ancient deity was quickly encased in a massive block of ice.

Within his cold and icy tomb, Megalon's horn began to glow a bright yellow that quickly turned to a burning red as the ice started to melt. Megalon could discharge a beam of powerful solar energy but he was allowing it to build within himself for the heat to intensify. In conjunction with this, he tried to rotate both of his drills as the ice encasing him slowly began to crack. Moments later, he exploded out of his prison and fell forward, plunging his drills deep into the ground to help his body sustain the tremendous force of the built-up energy within his horn. It blasted forth and clean through the Natalan swarm with an incredible explosion. Various craft erupted in a ball of fire that brought them crashing down in the distance. As Megalon rested from the use of his powerful attack having taken a toll on him, what remained of the Natal ships were abruptly mowed down by a fast-approaching Kilaak squadron which then zeroed in on him. Moving in behind them was the Kilaak warship HELLRAISER, watching over the proceedings.

The ships at the forefront shifted to Fire Dragon mode as Megalon tried to utilize his projectile weaponry but they shrugged off the assault, shielding the ones behind them to return fire. The closest ship attempted to gore through Megalon as he knocked it out the sky with a right drill swing. It spiraled out of control and crashed nearby. The undersea deity dodged another while a third whizzed by him, grazing his exoskeleton. Some of his armor plating was sheared off the right side of his torso. He managed to strike down a fourth before the rest of the armada descended upon him en masse, all opening fire at once as he took to the air to evade the attack. Several beams cut into his wings and back and he quickly realized that he was outnumbered and out-gunned when enough shots found their mark.

Megalon lost altitude and came down, rolling across the ground. He sprang back up just in time to see one of the vessels spearing toward his face. His left drill stopped it effectively, skewering it in the process. Megalon then spun around, hurling the still flaming saucer back toward its fast oncoming argosy. An explosive collision destroyed several craft and damaged others as the Kilaak forces were forced to scatter in all directions. The HELLRAISER then opened fire with its cannon as Megalon plunged into the earth, the beam tearing across the ground where he had been standing only moments before. By the time the remaining ships got their bearings, he was nowhere to be seen, having tunneled underground in retreat. Megalon would have to return to his citadel to rest and heal his injuries.

A few moments later, a transmission came in to the HELLRAISER. General Kulkan signaled for the monitor to be switched on and a somewhat disappointed Fumio Subo appeared onscreen.

"Did I ask for so much? All you had to do was kill Megalon. The plan was perfect since we softened him up for you... Tsk, tsk, tsk," Fumio sighed, shaking his head.

"If our ships could go underground, he would be dead right now," Kulkan explained.

"But yet he still lives. Perhaps I should have a talk with your King about your failure, hmmm?"

"Hold your tongue, Subo! This attack was at your insistence, not ours, and I can assure you that King Karkaru could honestly care less. He chose to humor you by assisting in this endeavor, nothing more."

"Hardly the proper attitude to possess for two races that are supposed to be working together... And was destroying the remaining automated ships really necessary? They could have proved useful in later offensives."

"You speak as if I should care about that," the Kilaak General snickered contemptuously.

"My orders were--"

"Your orders be damned, roach! I answer to King Karkaru, not you, Nebulan! Remember that!" Kulkan cut him off before abruptly closing the channel. He then contacted King Karkaru aboard the FLAMING FURY.

"Yes, General. What is your report?"

"The operation is over but Megalon managed to escape underground, my King."

"Worry not, Kulkan. The Seatopian's god is of no real concern to us."

"Please tell me, your majesty. Why do we continue to indulge the Nebulans? I cannot stand to even converse with them and do not know how you can lower yourself to do so. Godzilla is beaten and our forces are here on Earth. We do not need the Nebulans anymore. Why not just destroy them and be done with it?"

"Patience, General. A time will come for their destruction. Did you accomplish your real mission?"

"Yes, sir. The automated Natalan fleet has been destroyed."

"Good. When this alliance finally does come apart, I do not want the Nebulans to have one single edge to use against us. I do not trust them any more than they trust us and I am sure they already have their suspicions. Is their base still under audio surveillance?"

"Yes, my king."

"Good. Advise me the moment you learn anything of importance," Karkaru ordered.

Mothra Virgo

In the bleak blackness of the night, Belvera's lair was filled with cold darkness. She was in a deep slumber, attempting to relieve the stress she had been under recently. As sleep embraced her, she began to see images in her mind - of fires, destroyed buildings and screaming humans scurrying around in terror. The final one was of Infant Island, the once-beautiful landscape transformed into a blazing inferno.

It faded and she was back in the darkness she had previously been enveloped by. She could hear whispers of an unknown terror bouncing around in her mind, almost overwhelming her. Suddenly, she heard a single voice, a low, horrific, blood-chilling sound that caused her to tremble with fear.

"Belvera... stop this pretense!" the mysterious voice rumbled. The courageous fairy tried to block the vile sound from her mind but was unable to and had to endure its torment.

"We know of your weakness. Above all else, you desire power. Give in to your desires," the voice growled. "Your true destiny is not to protect those pathetic humans. You yourself said that humans were not to be trusted so stop allowing your pitiful sisters to contaminate your mind with goodness and purity."

Belvera twitched nervously, sweat forming on her brow as she continued to struggle against the creature conversing with her.

"Not only are humans to be distrusted but your sisters as well. And your goddess, Mothra. Resist them! Show them what power you really possess. Join the Gudis and we will defeat the humans and the Elias together. You will not regret it."

The voice diminished and Belvera woke up slowly. The dream was so vivid she could see and hear it over and over again. She considered Gudis' request and it tempted her so greatly that she could barely hold her stronger emotions back, the ones that had caused her to be so evil and treacherous before. Darkness took her and she could not bear the tremendous burden of her gluttony. Only her sisters and Mothra could save her now.


The diminutive women, Moll and Lora, sat and waited for the arrival of their sister at Infant Island. Lora puttered with the tiny flowers that populated the gardens beneath Mothra's shrine as she lacked patience and didn't want to just sit around and do nothing. Moll sat confidently upon her moth-like steed, Fairy, simply waiting.

"Where could she be?" Moll finally inquired. Mothra sat upon her stone pedestal nearby, allowing the gentle moonlight to shine down upon her through the opening in the cavern's ceiling. "Lora, we have to go find her. Come on!" she ordered as Fairy glided down to pick up the Fairy of Love. Lora climbed aboard and the priestesses took off, glancing back down at their goddess in awe. The beautiful hues on her body and wings seemed to cast a light up into the sky. Finally, they departed and headed for Belvera's lair.

When they reached the mysterious place their sister called home, they searched frantically but nothing physical was found, yet there was something present. The fairies could sense what had happened from some kind of telepathic aura remaining in the room that was easily detected by both women. Moll gasped in fear and anger. Evil lurked in the air and she knew that their civilizations' ancient enemy had returned and somehow targeted Belvera. Lora cringed and Moll clutched her hand, trying to reassure her with hope and confidence but those feelings seemed to diminish quickly.

Belvera had been taken by the Gudis and they could only hope that she would choose the pure and tranquil emotions in her mind. If not, not only would the Elias and Mothra be at risk but humanity would be facing its doom. They made their way back to Infant Island to seek solace in Mothra's temple and try to figure out a way to rectify the terrible situation with their sister but no ideas came. Even Moll's intuitive thinking could not bring any assurance.

Mothra Leo was surprised at what had happened and felt empty. Belvera's presence was no longer with her and one of her fairies might be lost forever. Lora sat against Mothra's stone shrine and wept for the sake of her sister but hope further dwindled as she gazed up at Mothra Leo. The divine insect had aged rapidly after using so much energy to produce her egg. Since then, it had decreased exponentially and now she was dying. Luckily, the egg was about to hatch as the Elias eyed it intently. It began to twitch slightly and soon, a crack formed on its surface.

She felt intense relief as it started to open. As her child was coming into the light of the world, she was leaving, darkness and feebleness overtaking her. The egg completely shattered, pieces of the shell strewn beneath the insect.

A large brown caterpillar sat underneath the wings of its mother, gazing at the weary goddess with gem-like eyes. The young deity had hatched just in time to witness her mother's final breath of life. Mothra Leo chirped feebly, proud of her daughter's powerful will to come into the world. She used what strength she had left and patted the worm's soft skin with her wing, assuring her daughter that she could indeed save the world from the evil that was rising. Finally, after a sad moment as the larva nudged its mother with its nose-like mandibles, Mothra Leo's eyes dimmed until no beautiful light shined within them. Her once-glamorous white feathery antennae drooped and withered. Mothra Leo, the savior of the Earth, had passed on, leaving her daughter and two fairies to confront the world on their own.

However, Mothra Leo didn't depart without aiding the world once more. Suddenly, her barren body began to glow. Energy particles floated from her and merged with the larva, giving it her powers to carry on the line of Mothras and defend the Earth from evil. Lora sobbed softly as she watched Mothra Leo's body diminish as her energy was bestowed in the larva. Moll was teary-eyed but didn't cry, trying to remain wise and logical.

"Do not weep, my sister. Look upon this new Mothra. She has the power of her mother. There is still hope left and we must believe in her," Moll murmured as her eyes became even more watery. The fairies held hands and kneeled in respect to their goddess.

"Mothra Virgo, the daughter of Mothra Leo, has entered the world and will protect its inhabitants from the forces of evil and malice. We also must do the same," both fairies said in unison as Mothra Virgo raised her head and screeched with all her divine might.


"Sing... or I shoot the old man... again," the angry Nebulan operative snarled, his voice muffled with hatred and impatience. Princess Azumi rubbed her hand across her lips, wiping away the blood that seeped from the broken skin where she had been hit several times. She knew this day was coming but also realized that there was no way she could ever have prepared for it. The alien invasion had begun and it was too late to turn back the tide now. She thought that it was better to leave King Seesar, the protector of the Azumi Royal Family, hidden to keep him away from the hands of evil. Who could he protect if the Royal Family was dead?

"I lied!" The words were tested by the cracking of the bullet as it pumped through her shoulder. Parting blood speckled the alien's face.

"Could this be the taste of resistance? Sing or both of you die!" His dark eyes gazed upon the huddled Princess as she hugged her weeping shoulder. There was a terrible presence that resided within the alien's body, for it had been possessed by something truly evil with its own agenda. The Nebulans had spies all over Japan and the one in Okinawa had easily been taken control of.

Her shivering eye crept to her left where flashes of red and yellow melted together as she watched her grandfather struggling in a widening pool of his own blood. Her head bowed to the sand she kneeled in, the same ground that her ancestors stood upon, singing the prayer that would awaken their protector. With a cold bitterness, the words came out that would give life to King Seesar. The previous generation had endured an alien invasion and lived to tell the tale but it seemed that this time, the Azumi Royal Family would not be so fortunate.

"You finally realize you cannot oppose me. King Seesar will be ours!" A slight chuckle gave way to the dark tone that surrounded him in an even darker inhuman voice. Azumi's prayer was weak and soft but it would get to King Seesar. She could still end it and stop her god from being disgraced at the hands of evil.

A release of frustration and anger bonded into a grinding bellow that rang like a swinging bell across the island. A few hundred yards away from the holy grounds, a cloud of cherry mist matured into a horse-like form. Characterless eyes dismayed with life appeared as its over-extended outline ribbed and filled out with muscle. An over-sized banana-bent head hoisted between two flabby sails that wormed with unmoving winds. The forming creature found lakes of trauma as its four feet lodged into the riddled sands. Its network of lanky teeth parted, standing condensed against the mammoth, pasty tusks that roofed the sides of its opening mouth. It was the monster Barrangas, one of the Gudis' many aberrations of nature.

"Yes, Barrangas. Go my pet," the former Nebulan muttered softly. The last of the prayer was released from Azumi's quivering lips, her ears awaiting the sound of life that she had given. The rocky face of the lone mountain misplaced in the open field crumbled apart in a mist of stinging light. Draining the radiance away, it became a lofty silhouette that now rested where the hill once stood.

Shaggy ears drooped beside a square face. The top of its head was crowned with four emerald gems and a central one formed a small protruding horn. Under the crown, thick glossy ruby-laced eyes peered with the reflection of the sun. A broad mouth stacked with a mixture of sharp and flat teeth laid under the creature's large nose. A cape of shaggy pelts of orangish-brown fur draped over the being's neck, chest and shoulders. Underneath, reddish-brown scales dressed the monster's skin. Its arms were nearly bare of the swarming fur, only garbed with scales. The beast's hands were armed with three blade-like white claws. Its stomach was also bare of fur. Most of its bulk swayed on its muscular legs. A thin cord of springy flesh outlined the creature's tail, the end tufted with a swiping ball of fluffy fur. It was the guardian of Okinawa, King Seesar.

"Thank you, my dear, but I am afraid you are not needed anymore." The gun cracked with another piercing bullet, this time bounding into the skull of the young Princess. She gave no struggle as it was something she wanted since she was at fault for the disgrace of her god.

A rush of fury gritted through its over-sized teeth as its legs charged across the sacred land that it now dishonored. A butting skull creased into King Seesar's rocky abdomen as Barrangas slammed into the lion god. Anchoring feet bore the impacting force as Seesar stood his ground against the hammering monster. Snapping claws bent across Barrangas' craning skull, pointing into the creature's spongy black eyes, squeezing out the gooey gray matter that leaked from the pockets. Blinding fury forced the creature into a panicked spasm as its mouth snapped at anything and everything. Curving teeth slid through the lapping scales that made up the Okinawan guardian's right hand.

King Seesar heaved Barrangas off the ground, letting the creature loft into the air. His eyes dwelt on the creature's neck as his claws arced into the frail collar of the monster. Slipping flesh gave away as his sharp talons scissored through the monster's stretching neck. Lumping masses of blood flitted to the ground as Barrangas' headless body pulled away from the still-locked jaws.

The Nebulan silently looked on as King Seesar stared into the vacant eyes of the dead head that still held onto his hand. A hiss of voices fizzled from it as the flesh dissolved into a swarm of roaming green Gudis cells. King Seesar's ears straightened with surprise but it was already too late as the virus made its way through their openings. Soon, the voices were much louder.

"Yes, come to your new master," the Gudis whispered as he also spoke through the possessed Nebulan. A rising foot shadowed over the alien standing frozen in the sand. A sickening smile came across the drone's face before he was crushed underfoot.


At the Nebulans' secret underground bunker near Okinawa where Anguirus' corpse was being studied, something huge suddenly smashed its way inside, sending the staff fleeing for their lives. The massive Lion God, King Seesar, reached in, grabbed the body and slung it over his shoulder, backing out the way he had come. A frantic call was made to headquarters and Kubota soon joined Chairman Fumio in the central control room.

"We have just received word that King Seesar has taken Anguirus' body. Our agents are tracking the beast now, sir."

"Get me a visual immediately!" the Chairman ordered. A viewscreen flickered on, showing King Seesar moving across the countryside with his lifeless cargo in tow.

"Did the Okinawans awaken him?" Fumio asked.

"They must have but as to why and its reason for taking Anguirus' body is yet unknown," Kubota informed him as they watched King Seesar moving along at quite a rapid pace, despite the burden he was carrying.

"But that is impossible! Only a direct descendant of the Azumi Royal Family can awaken him, and that is only if his tomb is opened externally."

"I know. But nonetheless, it has happened," Kubota assured him.

"Sir," a subordinate reported. "We have finished the examinations of the Garogan crash site and the bodies there."

"And what did you find?" Kubota asked.

"A strange form of DNA, sir. Almost virus-like in structure. It was in the green ooze that covered the Garogan ships and traces of it were found on the crew members as well."

"Intriguing..." Fumio declared.

"There is more, sir. The DNA also gives off a radiation signature. It is the same as that coming from King Seesar."

"Run the scan through our database. See if it comes up with a match," the Chairman ordered. The technician did so and after a few moments, the strand appeared on the screen before them.

"Sho-should w-we call an emergency meeting, sir?" Kubota stuttered.

"Yes, immediately!"

"What do I tell everyone?"

"The only thing we can tell them, Kubota, is the truth. Gudis is here."


King Seesar traveled for miles with Anguirus' body until he reached his destination: the base of the Torishima volcano where Gudis lay within its crater, enveloped in magma as he consumed and absorbed vast amounts of energy to create a body for himself.

He had arrived on Earth in spore form and needed more energy to take on a physical form so he irradiated, killed and absorbed energy from the Garogan fleet to accomplish this. The resulting tiny slug-like form that was Gudis then made its way to the volcano. Sensing that Seesar had arrived, the Gudis decided that he had lain dormant long enough. With a mighty shriek, he lurched up from the sea of lava, smashing and blasting away at the inside of the crater until he breached the surface, exploding out of the side of the volcano with pools of magma pouring out around him.

Seesar took a few steps back, giving the monstrosity room as it slithered forward. Gudis had recreated the form he had 15 years ago when he faced Ultraman Great in Australia; the large bulbous head with red, glowing eyes, massive trunk and a sea of writhing tentacles. In this body, Gudis had tremendous power but needed more to face what awaited him. Through a subconscious command, he ordered King Seesar to put Anguirus' body down. In his head, a voice was heard.

"Very good, little one. You have served me well," the Gudis hissed in a dark demonic tone. He turned toward Anguirus, focusing intently as he projected a violet energy sphere around the body to pull it to him and shrink it down to be absorbed. He then turned and encased the entranced Seesar, pulling him in as well.

Within Gudis' body, violent changes took place and with one more terrible roar, an incredible shockwave of energy reeled off him, signifying a horrific transformation. When the smoke cleared, a new abomination stood where the Gudis' previous form was. It looked like a beefed-up version of King Seesar, only far larger and covered on the back, arms and legs with spikes similar to those on Anguirus' carapace. Swinging behind him was a huge tail that was a mixture of Anguirus' and his own.

The head of this new beast looked similar to Seesar's, only with reptilian skin and elongated jaws that resembled Anguirus' face. Protruding all around the torso were dozens of the Gudis' tentacles. It had Anguirus' nearly unbreakable carapace and from Seesar, his ability to absorb and channel laser energy attacks.

But Gudis had augmented these elements with his own DNA, making his armored body almost impenetrable and having Seesar's power to absorb and reflect any energy attack that struck him. It was a combination of all three of them in one.

"Now... I am ready. Alien... kaiju... human... or otherwise, it makes no difference. Let them come!" he said as he lifted his head to the sky with a chilling and earthshaking laugh. The landscape around him was engulfed in flames from the flowing lava, creating what would almost pass for Hell on Earth. Gudis was now prepared... for war.


[INTERLUDE] Kilaaks, Meet Gudis


The Elias Triangle

The room was dark and dusty, the only light peeking in through an opening in the ceiling, shining down on a platform that bore a triangular figure with Mothra's symbol engraved at the center. Moll had to check on something of grave importance. Now that Belvera was being controlled by the Gudis or persuaded to join it, she and Lora had to make sure that their sister didn't start meddling with the ancient powers harnessed within Infant Island itself.

One of the most potent and important of them all was the Elias Triangle. The diminutive fairies searched everywhere until Lora came across a case that fell to the floor from a high shelf.

"Moll, I think I found it!" she shouted. Her twin hurried over to peer at the mysterious box.

"We need a key. There is a keyhole on it. See if you can find it up there," Moll noted as she continued to examine it.

"I found it!" Lora yelled and pushed a key off the shelf. Moll tried it and the box sprang open, revealing a round platform in the center with two triangular pendants resting inside a circle. She noticed that a third was missing and instantly knew that Belvera had taken it. While searching through old legends and myths, she had discovered that she bore the power of 'wisdom', Lora the power of 'love' and Belvera, 'courage'. That made up the Elias Triangle.

"Lora, we are not in a very good situation. The Elias Triangle protects us from disaster. If she uses her talisman for the purpose of evil, then we are all in trouble!" Moll gasped as they picked up the remaining two.

"We have to stop her!" Lora cried.

"No, we won't be able to stop her. She is possessed by the Gudis. It is pretty much beyond our power but not beyond that of Mothra," Moll assured her with great wisdom.

"What shall we do?"

"We must aid Mothra in her growing process. I feel that we are going to need her protection soon. In fact, the whole world will need it. Great evil stirs both on Earth and in the cosmos," Moll declared. The fairies climbed onto the insect-steed, Fairy, and flew off into the night, fearful of what might come to pass.


[INTERLUDE] Rematch: Ultraman Great vs Gudis

The Return of King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah had returned to Earth and was quickly confronted by Japan's tanks, jets, howitzers and Type 66 Maser Cannons but the weapons proved even more useless against this new form of the cosmic menace. The triple-domed terror fired off his own array of weapons, ready to annihilate his attackers.

As a relic of the '50s was called into service against this new threat, Markalite GYROS appeared overhead, dropping cannons down. Ghidorah once again opened fire but did not expect his beams to be caught, absorbed and then shot back at him, amplified with such force that the blasts knocked him on his back. The Markalites could not process the gravity beams but the wing lightning proved most useful to them. Before he could get back up, long-range missile launchers fired their warheads to rain down upon the King of Terror. Angered by this, he rose back up with a combined assault of gravity beams and wing lightning that soon overwhelmed the Markalites. They exploded and melted into so much worthless scrap. More missiles detonated upon his body but the damage was negligible at best.

Amidst the barrage, a strange sensation suddenly came over the alien space dragon. The energy in the very air itself seemed to raise and curl what few hairs from his previous form remained on his massive necks. They stood on end as he sensed approaching danger. Instinctively, King Ghidorah brought his energy shield forth as the Nebulan satellite's ray struck him from high above. But this time, it did not penetrate his barrier as before. After healing from his previous injuries and consuming more Mana, he had grown stronger as did his shield which now deflected the powerful beam. The orbiting weapons platform continued firing in rapid succession but to no avail as the three-headed monster's defenses held. Soon, the danger of overheating forced the aliens to shut it down. Cackling wildly at his victory, King Ghidorah lifted off the ground, showering everything in sight with utter death and destruction as he sped through the sky, leaving the military forces that had dared challenge him in burning ruins below.


At G-FORCE headquarters which had orchestrated the brave effort to protect Yokohama, General Aso released a frustrated sigh.

[INTERLUDE] Yokohama

Security alarms blared as a large squad of seemingly human intruders infiltrated a secret rocket base. The Nebulan guards tried to fend off the attackers as best they could but were greatly outnumbered. In no time, they were killed and the invaders stood before the rocket itself. Heavy moving equipment was brought into position, large enough to accommodate a kaiju. They cut through the ship's hull to the inner containment chamber, only to discover that Godzilla wasn't there.

"What the hell?" their leader cursed in confusion. He exhaled deeply before radioing his home base. "This is Chief Argon. Godzilla is not here. I repeat - Godzilla is not here. Send in the clean-up team to clear the bodies and remove any traces that we were ever here. Argon out." As he started to leave, the Simeon swore a number of obscenities before turning to look back at the rocket one last time. "Damn Nebulans..." he muttered.

They had installed a device that emitted nearly the exact radioactive signature that Godzilla's body would and left traces of his DNA to deceive any more sophisticated scanning systems. This rocket was simply a decoy.


About a mile or so away, someone else was watching what had transpired. Gudis eyed the proceedings suspiciously. Now that he was this close, he could sense that something was amiss. When he saw the disguised Simeons coming back out looking rather demoralized, it was the final piece of information that he needed.

So Godzilla isn't here. Tricky little bugs... he observed with a half smile before resuming his search for Godzilla anew. But for now, he had other matters to attend to.


At the Nebulan base, Viceroy Kubota advised the Chairman, "We have just received word that a group of yet unknown insurgents have attacked the decoy site. Remote cameras also spotted Gudis near the installation as well." Fumio quickly turned to him.

"And the real rocket?"

"Still hidden and thus far undetected. The special radiation shielding and sensor reflecting devices in Godzilla's chamber are working flawlessly. The craft is impervious to all scans. You could stand right next to the hull with a Geiger counter and not get a single blip. Godzilla is all but invisible."

"Superb, Kubota. If anything should change, notify me at once."


Klaxons shattered the silence of the night at a top secret government laboratory as something very large smashed into the moderately guarded complex. Gudis barrelled in, crushing countless personnel until he reached what appeared to be a large holding cell of some kind with reinforced titanium bars.

"At last I have found you," he growled.

Inside the cell was Frankenstein. After being dragged down to his watery death off the coast of Hiroshima by the Devilfish in 1964, scientists had recovered his remains and placed them in this lab for study. Over time, the creature's body regenerated and Frankenstein lived anew but precautions were taken to insure that he would not escape again.

Frankenstein had aged some but the radioactivity connected to his ability to regenerate had apparently slowed the process. He looked up at the Gudis, roaring defiantly as he shook his fists at the towering behemoth in front of him.

"How very amusing," the Gudis said, trying to stifle a laugh as he ripped the cell door off its hinges with his jaws. Frankenstein backed into a corner, snarling like a treed animal. Gudis brought forth one of his violet spheres, enveloping and trapping Frankenstein who held his arms out as it surrounded him. Once it did, he was frozen in place in a sort of suspended animation. Gudis absorbed the sphere back into himself, along with Frankenstein and the abilities that he possessed became a part of him. Gudis' own power would magnify Frankenstein's regenerative abilities a hundred times over.

"Thank you, Frankenstein," Gudis said with a devilish grin.


On Obelisk Island in the South Seas off the coast of Japan, several thousand tons of saurian flesh hit the ground hard as the monster Gappa was floored by a crippling punch. It looked up at the nightmarish form of the Gudis standing over it, spreading its jaws in a sadistic smile. This Gappa was the same one that had been kidnapped from its island home as a hatchling in 1967, now fully grown and with a mate of its own. He had produced an offspring as well. As he attempted to fight off the attacker, it was becoming painfully obvious that he was outmatched and looked back at his mate who was standing several hundred meters behind, protectively guarding their child.

Gudis had come to absorb one of the Gappas in order to gain the ability of flight. With Anguirus' DNA now a part of him, he discovered that he was a superb swimmer, having made the trip from the mainland in record time. The Gappa lunged up with a roar as he charged but got back-anded aside easily, going down in a heap once again. Rolling over on his side, he fired his heat ray but Gudis just stood there, laughing at this attempt to harm him. The Gappa turned back towards his mate with pleading eyes and shrieked to her in their own language.

"Get out of here! Go! Fly away!"

"No! I won't leave you!"

"You must! Save yourself and our son!" the male pleaded as the Gudis wrapped his right hand around the back of his neck. The Gappa was picked up off the ground and given a painful back-breaking maneuver as Gudis brought him down over his right knee. The Triphibian bellowed in pain but still tried to fight on as he agonizingly pushed himself up off the ground and swiped at the Gudis with his claws from a kneeling position. The Gudis kicked him in the face, putting him down yet again. Before he could get back up, Gudis blasted him with his eye beams, sending him flying and crashing back down with a terrible impact.

"NO!" the female wailed in anguish.

"Daddy!" the youngling cried with tears in its eyes. The Gudis casually walked over to the quivering body of his prey and grabbed hold of him yet again. He picked him up into a power bomb, slamming him down hard on his back, resulting in reverberating impact tremors. The Gappa went numb all over, not realizing that several of the vertebrae in its spine had just been obliterated as the kaiju began to go into shock. The Gudis looked down at the creature, his eyes full of contempt and malice as he reached down to bring him up to a kneeling position in front of him, facing his mate and son. Gudis stared at them. He could feel their sadness and despair and see it in their eyes. It was delicious!

The female Gappa heard a voice inside her head.

Do you love him? the Gudis hissed in disgust.

"Please stop this! Don't hurt him anymore. Please!" she begged.

"Answer the question!!!" Gudis roared.

"Why are you doing this? We haven't done anything to you!"

"SAY IT, WRETCH!" Gudis grabbed and twisted her mate's left arm, shattering the bones into splinters.

"Yes! Yes, I love him!" she sobbed, breaking down in tears.

"Does it make you strong?"


"Your love. Is it supposed to give you strength?"

"...Yes... "

"Was it supposed to make him strong, too?"

"Please! Just leave us alone!" she screamed.

"Answer the question or I'll snap his neck!"


"Then tell me, worm... Why did I slaughter him so easily? Where is this strength you speak of? I have heard some claim that love is the most powerful force in the universe, yet I see no proof here. Is it even real?" The female Gappa fell to her knees, overcome by the misery that had overtaken her as her son clung to her desperately. "You are a fool and so is he! The only reality is power. Those who have it survive and those that don't..." the Gudis abruptly broke the male Gappa's neck by twisting his head.

"NOOOOO!" The female exploded in horrified grief as she watched her mate die before her eyes. The Gudis let his body fall lifelessly to the ground. The young Gappa began to cry and shriek uncontrollably as he turned away, burying his face in his mother's embrace. But as they knelt there on the ground, the female's pain was replaced by anger and she rose to a standing position. "Go, son... Now." she told her offspring as the Gudis looked on.

"What?" he asked her between sobs.

"Go! Run!"

"But, momma... "

"Do as I say. Now!" she bellowed as he staggered back from her sudden outburst.

"NOW!" she roared in a tone he had never heard her use before. "Please"... she begged. After a few moments, the young Gappa finally did as he was told and began to run away. In a rage, his mother flew straight at the Gudis, uttering an earsplitting screech. The monster simply thrust out his right hand, stopping her dead in her tracks and grabbed hold of her throat. As he slowly suffocated and lifted her off the ground, she blasted him directly in the face with her oral ray but it was useless.

"Pathetic," Gudis snarled, nonchalantly snapping her neck. The sound of her ruptured bones almost seemed to echo as the little Gappa stopped suddenly and spun around to see what had happened.

.".. Mo-mo-momma?" the youngling whimpered as tears started to stream down his face once more. The Gudis threw her body aside like so much garbage and looked over at the last surviving Triphibian of what had once been a family. Filled with terror, he took off running and unfolded his tiny wings, trying desperately to take off. He strained with everything he had and flapped as fast as he could. After a few moments, he could finally feel himself starting to lift off. "I'm going to make it! I'm going to -"

KA-BLAM!!! As the juvenile Gappa left the ground, his tiny body was eviscerated by a blast from the Gudis' eye beams. He never knew what hit him.

"Eh, you wouldn't have liked being an orphan anyway," Gudis joked with a dismissive wave as he turned back towards the body of the male and encased it in a sphere to absorb it. A massive pair of Gappa-like wings grew and unfolded out of his back but adding his own power to the transformation, they grew far larger than normal. The Gudis soon hovered above the ground like an unholy angel.

"Excellent!" he exclaimed before taking off into the sky at breakneck speed, leaving behind the broken and tattered remains of the Triphibian family whose blood now stained his hands.


Mount Aso

A Kilaak ship slowly approached the crater of the immense mountain that was the birthplace of the creatures called Rodan. The original two mutant Pteranodons had first raised their ugly heads from this place and caused worldwide panic before laying waste to Tokyo two years after it had initially been devastated by the first Godzilla to appear. A military strike had caused the already active volcano to erupt. Both pterosaurs perished in the hot lava, their bodies not able to withstand such intense heat. However, several years later, the creatures' son, who was seen hatching by one of the humans back in 1956, emerged from the crater. It had appeared in response to the arrival of King Ghidorah, a being that upset the lives of every creature its evil presence was felt by.

Since then, the mountain had stood silent, a mere shell of its former self. The volcano was no longer active and was well on its way to becoming extinct. The magma chamber deep beneath it was still there but it would soon sink back into the Earth's mantle due to natural forces.

The alien ship circled the area several times before hovering above the mountain. A powerful beam shot from underneath it, striking deep inside the volcano's crater, setting off a chain reaction of sub-atomic explosions within the magma chamber and creating an immense increase in pressure. However, the beam did much more than just revive a dying volcano.

Its mission completed, the space ship shot away to continue its trek across Japan. The mountain began to rumble as a vent opened in its side, releasing a plume of molten rock. Another exploded out of the opposite side, relieving some of the pressure. Suddenly, from the main caldera, an immense blast of lava and rock shot into the night sky, lighting up the area for miles in every direction. The eruption poured enormous amounts of ash and dust into the air, creating a massive black cloud which drifted south with the wind. The choking material added to that coming from Mount Fuji and several other volcanos the Kilaaks had activated. The skies of southern Japan would be dark for weeks beneath the oppressive snowy clouds of death.

[INTERLUDE] Fire Rodan vs Megaguirus

The Death of Osaka

It was 3:37 P.M. as Takuro Kitadei walked nervously down the crowded street. He could feel the tension rolling off the people around him, see it in their faces, smell it as they feared something terrible about to happen. Something wasn't right.

The Nebulans had driven off King Ghidorah who appeared to have gone mad but it troubled Takuro. Did they have control of him? He had always believed the creature to be the very essence of evil. Mankind had been assured that the dragon could be a great power for good. Meanwhile, two other monsters, while menacing and frightening in their own right, had always seemed to come and save mankind from calamity in the past. Anguirus had been slain and Godzilla was gone, his body being mysteriously transported away, along with Gigan's. Despite all the property damage and loss of lives caused by the leviathan, he was the driving force behind stopping the rampages of other kaiju and had helped, along with Anguirus and many other monsters, to put an end to the attacks of King Ghidorah.

It may have sounded crazy but Godzilla's demise seemed to make the Earth a much more dangerous place. Takuro didn't trust any alien beings. Oh well, he thought bitterly as he entered the large office building where he worked. Nothing I can do about it...

The tension seemed to escalate inside the unusually cramped and crowded hallways as he made himself a cup of coffee. Takuro finally got to his office and shut the door behind him, letting out a long sigh before dropping his briefcase on his chair and taking a sip of his coffee. He turned and stared out the window at the grand city of Osaka. Smoke rose like a tombstone from the east. Osaka Castle was burning! He shuddered, feeling a chill run down his spine. A huge explosion suddenly rocked the city, engulfing the castle completely. When the smoke cleared, a series of fireballs were revealed. Takuro suppressed a horrified scream when he recognized them as Kilaak ships in their 'Fire Dragon' mode.

A beam shot out from a larger ship near the middle of the formation and a building collapsed into the street below. Just then, the cities' sirens came to life, their mournful requiem filling the downtown area and igniting a massive panic. Flames suddenly burst from all of the ships and engulfed many buildings in fiery explosions. Takuro instinctively turned and ran for his life, striking his office wall and collapsing in a heap on the floor, unconscious.


The Kilaak ships cleared two city blocks of all structures before landing, their fires dwindling and leaving a series of bright red and orange discs. A port opened on the bottom of each and a ramp lowered to the ground. Thousands of Kilaaks wearing shimmering chain mail and body armor marched out, looking for all the world like a medieval army of unimaginable proportions and power. Several smaller land cruising vehicles were lowered and ten Kilaaks boarded each one. These were mobile pulse cannons and transports. An American who had been watching the whole ordeal suddenly ran from his hiding spot with a pump shotgun, blasting at the soldiers.

"Die, you alien bastards!" he shrieked, unloading his weapon at them. The Kilaaks were surprised but smiled as the steel pellets bounced harmlessly off their metallic armor. A single warrior ran at the foolish man who screamed and began running away but the Kilaak was quickly on top of him. He crushed his skull with his bare hands and wiped the blood and gore on the would-be hero's clothing, laughing the entire time.

At that moment, the city's automated defense systems began to rise from several strategic buildings and clearings. These had been built around the mid-80s and designed to ward off the attacks of monsters until the military could get to the scene. Missiles and tank shells suddenly filled the air, streaking across the landscape to bounce off of or crumple harmlessly against the Kilaak's advanced shielding systems. The aliens continued their advance on the remaining structures, expanding their shields to protect them from any further resistance. They fired at the buildings and a jet of intense flame melted the steel support girders until they collapsed in on themselves. The invaders began to spread out, creating a semi-circle of devastation but the real hell had yet to begin.

A Kilaak ship rose into the sky and turned suddenly, facing toward the sea as a booming cackle echoed through the steel canyons of the city like the cry of an avenging god. Rodan had arrived.

Aboard the FLAMING FURY, nestled safely amongst his invasion fleet, King Karkaru smiled. He knew their presence would arouse at least one of the monsters that had fought against them some ten years ago. The pursuit craft prepared for an aerial duel as Rodan came into view, moving too fast to spot accurately but it gave chase to the flying reptile a full mile above it, moving as fast as it could.

Suddenly, something no one had counted on hit them with the fury of twenty hurricanes. A sonic boom leveled everything in the area: Kilaaks, ships, buildings. Human or alien, it did not matter. Every Kilaak out in the open fell flat on his face. The grounded ships were knocked down flat, their 'legs' collapsing underneath them. The Kilaaks did not allow such an attack to deter them, however.

A fighter craft in the sky banked sharply and got directly behind the great flying creature, slipping slightly below its flight path to avoid the slipstream. Rodan made a lazy turn to the right as it began to fire on his leathery hide, then suddenly flew straight up into the air. The Kilaak ship struggled to follow as the pterosaur completed a 180 degree turn and flew down at it. The pilot steered hard to the left, spinning out of control as Rodan zoomed past, only to fly back up and snatch his craft out of the sky with his talons. The vessel encased itself in flame, causing a shriek of pain. Rodan dropped the ship and it began to spin around furiously, creating a firestorm that surrounded the winged reptile, scorching its flesh. But to one who had survived the might of Godzilla's beam, this was nothing.

Rodan began to fly in circles and the firestorm became a tornado of flames in the sky. The Kilaak ship was caught in the immense winds, losing control and tossing about violently. Rodan dived straight for it, slamming into the ship. It exploded against his massive body, the remains of the vessel falling from the sky and onto a skyscraper, bringing the structure down with it. Rodan circled several times, inspecting the damage as he began to slow and descend, approaching the Kilaak army with anger in his soul and fire in his heart.

When he spotted the formation a good mile below him, he sped up. He closed his wings around his body and went into a dive, ready to flare them out at the last minute to capture his prey with his foot claws. The creature approached at a speed that dwarfed his previous records.

Rodan never saw the force shield surrounding the Kilaak troops and slammed into it with the impact of a speeding missile. His neck snapped instantly and the great winged samurai of the skies was vanquished by his own incredible abilities. The pterosaur's body fell, broken and battered, to the ground. The Kilaaks, ever unforgiving and unsympathetic, burned the carcass away with their advanced heat weaponry before resuming their merciless attack on the once-proud metropolis.


Takuro awoke on his office floor with a start. He regretted it, feeling the pain shoot like daggers up his leg. Blinking several times, his eyes came into focus and he saw that a wall had partially collapsed on him. He pushed at the debris and surprisingly, lifted it away. Takuro soon rose on his good leg, using his guest chair for support. He rubbed his eyes and looked out the window. Then he screamed. Osaka wasn't just in ruins, it was annihilated. And what was worse, the eastern portion of the city seemed to be covered in boiling hot lava which slowly but inescapably inched its way towards the industrial district.

He looked upwards and saw that the skies were flashing with static lightning. Every once in a while, the lava would roll over a gas main and another explosion would rock the building. He began to sob. His parents lived in the part of the city that seemed to be covered by the cooling rock. He now had no home.

Takuro looked at his watch. It was only around 4 P.M. but the sky was black as night. Finding his battery-powered television, he turned it on and stared at the tiny screen. The sound was off but he saw the ominous cloud rising over Osaka. It resembled a black mountain, looming over the city of Man.

The Virans

Near the planet Jupiter, a star ship curiously shaped like a group of beehives stuck together spun a slow course through space. It could accelerate to great speeds on a whim but the beings inhabiting it were content with taking their time. The ship was known as a Modular Stat Transport to its creators and this particular one was called the AZAG-THOTH.

Within the command module, its crew had gathered for an important meeting. They were close to the dreaded planet Earth, a world the creatures of Viras held in their deepest desires.

Mordant Zerrulus swept his tentacles across the floor, making a loud SHUWPing noise. His body closely resembled a silver tree trunk, topped with a series of peels almost in mockery of leaves. The Viran had six thrashing tentacles and a triangular face on the trunk's front side. Having finally gotten the attention of his brethren, Zerrulus spoke.

"Quiet, gathered fools! Allow the Master to speak!" That having been said, the Mordant (or Counselor, in their native tongue) looked up at the cage in which the Master (what the Virans considered a Captain) was suspended. This particular Viran had been one of many who underwent genetic modification on Viras, appearing different from the usual cephalopod. Instead of having silver scales like most, the Master had a blue-green color. Its tentacles, of which there were twice the usual number, were tipped with barbs on the end. Its head was more rounded, like an octopus rather than a squid.

"Thank you, Mordant. Now, I am quite positive we all know the reason we were sent from our mother star. Since the development of our terraforming procedures, colonization of other planets has been most appealing. Yet, the bio-weapon called Qu'thulos, possibly our most potent creation, disappeared into deep space. We have now located Qu'thulos under the surface of the planet Earth." Master C'seris stopped speaking, allowing the cyborg Viran, Iodrakas, to grate out the rest of his presentation.

"The Qu'thulos organism is theorized to be buried underneath that world's rocky exterior. Know that this planet's inhabitants are formidable. The thrice-damned enemy, Gamera -" A hissing cacophony of sound filled the air for a moment. "- originates from this planet. It may or may not be alive. Master C'seris, continue."

"Our plan is to establish an alliance with another species, one native to this solar system. We will have agents placed inside bodies and infiltrate the control centers of our enemies. Once they are out of the way, we will be free to move in, extract Qu'thulos and warp back to Viras." Of course, most of the Virans in command positions, including Iodrakas and Zerrulus, knew that C'seris had failed to mention the Earth's monsters. He settled back in his command cage, tentacles spread out in a reclining position as he activated the auto-comfort system. If the Virans had been humans, the AZAG-THOTH would be a battle cruiser and C'seris would be settling back with his arms behind his head in a captain's chair. He turned to look at his attendant, Iodrakas, who was more machine than Viran. The Commander gestured and Iodrakas spoke in his metallic, artificial voice.

"Master C'seris. Full reports of this system's native species are complete. Shall I proceed?" C'seris looked into the blue optics serving as Iodrakas' eyes. The cyborg appeared to be made of a striking red metal, with tentacles replaced by robotic limbs. Each held a series of multi-purpose tools. At first glance, Iodrakas would appear to be a machine but underneath the metal was the scarred remains of an organic Viran who had been caught in an explosion. Heavy cybernetics now kept him alive but C'seris didn't care about any of that at the moment.


"There are at least four major sentient races in this solar system:

  1. The people of Earth, which we are already aware of. They appear to be allied with an insectoid race but surveillance may have been inaccurate in that matter.
  2. There are two more races. One is a species of sentient mineral using hot temperatures to maintain a form like that of the Earth people.
  3. And one last race, of the same physical appearance in the most part as the Earth people. This race appears to be divided in two, each inhabiting a different planetoid.
The first race I mention is deformed by radiation, or so it appears. The other appears normal, with a cold planet and technology similar to our own. My recommendation would be an alliance with this species as its world is most comparable to our own." C'seris scraped a claw against his cage.

"Are they worthy of our trust?"

"Negative. But alliance can be maintained on a mutual understanding. Also, one of our surveillance satellites was destroyed by a giant draconian creature. The wreckage was totally immolated, leaving but spare molecules behind." C'seris pointed a clawed tentacle at the exit to the room.

"Inform the rest of them... Do our future allies have nanite technology?"


"Excellent." Iodrakas left through the artificial gravity tunnel, leaving C'seris alone. The Viran Commander tightened his beak in an imitation of a smile.

The Mysterians

Central City had just passed out of the rays of the sun for the day. Outside the domed Martian city, it was unimaginably cold, even for the Mysterians. There were no single houses in Central City and everyone lived in apartment structures. At the center of the metropolis was a huge, gleaming tower designated for the political authorities. At the very top was the home of the leader of the Mysterians, Koban, who was the son of the former King who had led the attack on Earth several years ago in hopes of getting women to rectify the problems of his radiation-ridden subjects. However, when that plan failed, the remaining Mysterians retreated, only to have several of their number shot out of the sky. Koban's father's ship was one of them.

King Koban remembered all those years before his rise to power. One of his hands was a testament of the horrible effects of Strontium-90. He began to hate that hand and everything it stood for. Koban realized he was a freak. Many lonely nights he would lay awake and stare at that hand, disgraced by what it made him. Eventually, it would lead him to put a knife to his own throat when he could no longer handle being a Mysterian. But fate stepped in just as death was about to close her arms around him. He received a call that his father was dead, making young Koban the new ruler.

A few days later, he accepted the revered red helmet, uniform and cape in a ceremony in front of his entire race. Koban looked out over the masses and fully realized that he was their master. This King's reign would be different from that of his father. He wasn't as lenient as his predecessor and demanded respect, to be honored - to be a god among the Mysterians. Statues and monuments were torn down and replaced by his. The prior administrators were killed and he brought in ones who were loyal to him and him only. The King was now a dictator.

Now Koban could look upon his hand with pride. It no longer laughed at him but gave him power - power to smite anyone who dared cross him. The universe would bow to him, begging for mercy.

The ruler now sat in front of the large window in his home overlooking Central City. The lights were off, the only source of illumination being the artificial starlight inside the dome. A knock came at the door.

"Enter," said the King. One of his staff came in. They were on call night and day to take any orders Koban might issue. The girl reached for the light switch. "Leave it off," he said without budging. She then walked over to him with a tray of food. This female was not only a staff member but one of the King's wives. He had chosen her for her unusual beauty amidst his deformed species.

"Will there be anything else, sir?" she asked, putting down the tray. Koban said nothing and began eating. She dared not move before receiving a reply from her husband. In mid-chew, Koban's eyes squinted in rage and he threw the tray to the floor, spit out the food and stood up from his chair.

"The meat is not cooked well enough!" he roared.

"Oh, please, my Lord! I assure you! I had the settings perfect for it. I swear!"

"You lying wench!" Koban back-handed her across the cheek and she fell to the floor. He quickly leaned down and grabbed her hair, pulling it until her head was crooked back. "If you weren't my wife, I would liquidate you right now! You are nothing but trouble, woman! One more slip-up and I will rip your head off myself! Do you understand?" She nodded between sobs of fear. "Now, then..." His voice had changed to a more soothing tone as he let go of her hair and held her head close to his chest, stroking it. "Why do you hate me so, Tara? I've shown you nothing but love and all I get is a slap in the face."

"I am so very sorry, Lord Koban," she whined. "It will never happen again."

"I know it won't," he assured her. Koban put his hand behind her head and locked her in a kiss. The gigantic screen behind him hummed to life as Commander Darius Kugo's face came into focus. Koban pushed the girl in the direction of the door. When the Chief of Security at the Mysterian's North Pole Base saw that he had the King's full attention, he bowed.

"I am terribly sorry to have disturbed you at such a late hour, my Lord," apologized the officer. "But you will be glad to know that our Earth forces at the North Pole have completed assembly of the new line of MOGERAs." A smile spread across the King's face. "Also, on our last expedition to Farou Island, we finally captured the monster known as Kong. We are currently creating the special alloy that will enhance the kaiju's ability to harness electricity."

"Absolutely amazing! Splendid! When can we be ready to attack?" he asked.

"I am afraid there is a problem, sire. We may not be the only ones preparing to take over the Earth."

"What do you mean?" Koban was most surprised by this news.

"There is a video you need to see, my Lord," Kugo insisted as a media file window popped up to recount Godzilla's defeat in Tokyo. "It seems that the Nebulans have helped the humans in finally dealing with Godzilla. But they appear to have lost control of a new, larger and obviously more powerful King Ghidorah." Koban knew the true reason behind the Skyllian's disobedience but feigned ignorance as he had not disclosed anything he had discussed with Sar'rious to anyone else. But he could not help but wonder where the Kilaaks were, considering that it had been suggested that they had possession of King Ghidorah once again. Kugo's continuing report broke Koban's new train of thought, however.

"But the most startling news of all is this." A picture of the newly-formed Gudis appeared on the screen. "Our scientists have found that this is none other than the deadly Gudis strain." Koban sank into his chair. He didn't need any surprises like that at this most important juncture of their preparations.

"And one more thing," Kugo continued. "Even if we do attack, we will still have to contend with the combined might of the humans, Seatopians, Nebulans and Mu who are now all allied." Koban was at a loss for words. A few seconds of complete silence went by but the King of the Mysterians did not wish to show fear in front of another of his race.

He held his head up high and finally replied, "Good work, Kugo. Make sure my MOGERAs are ready for action and proceed with the Kong plan. I will oversee our other technology here on Mars. Thank you, Commander."

"One moment, my Lord, one moment," added Kugo before fading out. "There is a message coming in from the Virans. They say they want to talk to you about a possible alliance."


Aboard the AZAG-THOTH, C'seris raised his command cage higher, his many tentacles clicking together. There was an incoming transmission from the planet Mars. The Viran Commander tapped one of the controls, slightly lowering his bulbous head. The screen before him and Iodrakas formed the image of a humanoid being clad in a red helmet, elaborate suit and apparently, a cape. Its head jolted back slightly, perhaps in a gesture of revulsion.

"I am Iodrakas. I speak for the Virans. Identify yourself." The being quickly regained its composure.

"I am Lord Koban, King of the Mysterians. You said you wanted to talk to me?" Iodrakas' blue optics glowed more brightly.

"We Virans desire to know whether or not you Mysterians would proceed against the races currently controlling Earth. Have you confronted this planet before?" The being, Lord Koban, bowed its head for a moment in silent reverie. Perhaps he was meditating on a previous encounter.

"We have. We... lost. But even now, we are mobilizing operations against it. We warn you not to interfere."

"Interfere? We will not interfere. We will aid you in these efforts. Granted, that you will aid us. We possess advanced nano-technology to enhance our efforts."

Lord Koban was not in the mood for talk. "All right. We will send files listing our technology in exchange for yours. Then we will talk again at a later time."

"As you wish," Iodrakas replied in his characteristic monotone as King Koban broke the connection. In a matter of minutes, files were exchanged and both alien races began to research the other's technology. C'seris immediately took command of the project.

"Analyze the files that were sent. If they contain any sort of virus, respond in kind. Summon the Mordant as you leave. I must confer with Zerrulus."


The documents came through as Lord Koban watched over the transmission. "Wait," the King ordered before the Mysterian scientist could open them. "Scan it thoroughly for viruses, listening devices - anything that isn't supposed to be there."

"Yes, my Lord." He and his staff went into a room with many machines. A faint humming sound was heard as they placed the recorded disks in a scanning device and secured it. The head of the unit entered his access code and the necessary commands. The noise got louder and lights blinked all over the machine. When the tests were completed, the results showed up on a screen. The scientist then returned to Koban who had not budged from his seat. "They are benign, your highness. Shall we go over the files now, sir?"

"Of course." The scientist quickly scheduled a meeting with the other department heads.


Koban was napping when the intercom crackled to life. Normally, somebody would have been hung upside down and whipped for such insolence but the Viran technology information was more important so he decided to forego such measures and hurried off to the conference rooms. When the sliding door opened, everyone present was standing beside their chairs. Koban took his seat at the head of the table. He always found it amusing to watch others stand awkwardly at attention until he gave them permission to sit down.

"Lord Koban," began a middle-aged Mysterian. "The data is by all means amazing. The Virans have made leaps and bounds in the field of nano-technology where we are still struggling with the concept."

"So what they say is true?" asked the King.

"It all makes sense, yes. These equations are true down to the very last variable."

"Then you all agree that we should form an alliance with the Virans?" asked Koban. Every Mysterian nodded. "Very well, then. Tell them they are welcome to tour the North Pole base as well. But remember one thing: if the Virans turn on us, I will personally see to it that you are all blasted into the far reaches of space."

"Understood," they replied as one.

"Now, I understand that our Earth forces have started more in-depth research on our enemies. Tell me what was discovered." The Mysterian seated to Koban's immediate right pulled out a folder and passed some photographs to him.

"This creature is a Mothra. Mothra Leo, to be exact. It has been this planet's guardian for many years," he explained.

"And what has become of Mothra Leo?" asked one of the younger Mysterians at the table.

"It fought more battles and then died recently. But not too long ago, this was discovered." More pictures were passed around that showed the newly-hatched Mothra Virgo. "This is Leo's child." One kaiju expert tapped the picture with his stylus and raised his head.

"The creature is very weak at this stage," he stated. "If we plan on destroying the Earth's defenses, this is clearly a good time to do so before it can transcend into a stronger form."

"General Wato," ordered Lord Koban. "I want a MOGERA and some of our men to seek out and destroy Mothra. Now."

The Chief of Biology stood up. "Sire, such a creature would be marvelous to science. I would love to examine it. After you've killed it, of course," he quickly added.

"Very well," agreed Koban. "And bring back its carcass for study, General."

"Might I request something?" asked the kaiju expert. "We get rid of them as well." He pointed to the picture of the giant caterpillar. Hovering in the air on Fairy Mothra were the Elias. "They seem to be somehow connected to the creature and can even empower it and vice versa."

Soon, two gigantic bay doors opened in the side of a glacier concealing the Mysterian's North Pole base. Three ships flew out, followed by a MOGERA. As the doors closed again, they headed off in the direction of Infant Island.


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