A note from Neal


All species fight to survive. From the smallest bacteria to the galaxy-spanning beings of our universe, it is an instinctive urge to push oneself or one's kind beyond what ought to be possible in order to achieve life but one day, MORE. That is what this story is about, the fight of several species to survive.

The universe is a dying paradise. It once held hundreds of life-producing worlds that slowly grew old and died, or perhaps were rendered inhabitable by their dominant races. But by our era, few such planets exist anymore, and those that do are themselves dying. That is why one small, blue object in our solar system appeared so tasteful to its onlookers. It held, quite literally, the waters of life. Wars have been fought over land before, but none in all of recorded history seemed to hold much merit in comparison with the events soon to unfold before you, and certainly none so tragic.

It would be good, therefore, for you to review this history because when you do, you find that there really is no easy defining line between those who are in the right and those in the wrong. As you read, you will see just why each species is driven to such desperate actions. As to whether they were justified in their course, that is for you to determine.

The universe came into existence some billions of years ago. It was a seemingly long time afterward that the first primitive forms of life would appear, though not life as we would know it. But ever since those few ancient beings with what we would call intelligence first glanced skyward past the shelter of their rude caves, there has been great mystery wholly beyond their understanding.

It is reality that brings all things into existence, sustains all things, is revealed in all things and draws all things unto itself. But does history really repeat itself? Only time will tell.

I. The Great Radiance Phase

II. The Galactic Phase

III. The Hadean Eon of Early Earth

IV. Archaean Eon of Early Life

V. Proterozoic Eon

VI. Paleozoic Era

VII. Mesozoic Era

VIII. Cenozoic Era

IX. The Showa Period

X. The Heisei Period

XI. The Millennial Period


13 Billion Years Ago

As a result of the primordial flaring forth after the Big Bang, a cosmos is created, made up of matter and photons.

300,000 Years After the Big Bang

A spore composed of unusual protons and anti-matter is born. It will later evolve into what would become the Gudis.


11 Billion Years Ago

Galaxies emerge, producing the large-scale structures of the universe. Nuclear fusion begins and the births of stars occur.
The spore that is the Gudis becomes self-aware and begins to seek out energy to sate its ravenous hunger.

10 Billion Years Ago

Supernovae forge complex elements (atoms such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, calcium, iron, gold, etc.) in the fiery bellies of stars. A race of sentient beings composed of a strange, extremely strong and flexible metal-like material evolves. Growing in power, this "Iron Empire" slowly spreads to other galaxies, commandeering asteroids and space debris as vehicles. Several brutal wars inspire the remaining Imperials to take the energy of a forming star and concentrate it with organic particles drilled from a comet, creating King Ghidorah and Death Ghidorah to serve as their war horses. The duo of destruction executes their enemies with Death Ghidorah draining all life forces (Mana) from the planets while King Ghidorah specialized in the actual destruction of the rebellious beings.
The Gudis takes physical form for the first time, absorbing the energy of entire stars to achieve the level of power required to gain complete control of its genetic code. It becomes a ravager of worlds, feeding on the primordial geological energy sources of countless potential life-spawning planets.

5 Billion Years Ago

A shock wave from a nearby super nova energizes the enriched gas cloud that will become our solar system and the sun ignites.


4.6 Billion Years Ago

The Earth and other planets form by aggregating space debris in their orbital paths.

4.5 Billion Years Ago

The Moon is carved from the Earth by an impact event. Its orbit gradually becomes more distant through time.

4.1 Billion Years Ago

Rain falls upon a cooling Earth for first time, forming oceans.


3.8 Billion Years Ago

The first life on Earth evolves, possibly at great depth within the Earth's crust or at hydro-thermal fissures in the floor of the deepest oceans.

2.8 Billion Years Ago

An ultraviolet-absorbing ozone shield forms in the upper atmosphere and bacterial precursors of mitochondria evolve to use oxygen for respiration, without which self-aware consciousness might never have developed.
Closed cycle metabolisms of life (Gaia) are fully in place to mediate crucial links in the bio/geo/chemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, maintaining an endless re-supply of Earth's finite reserves.


565-543 Million Years Ago

The first multi-cellular life forms appear in the sea.


540-500 Million Years Ago

The Cambrian explosion yields the first true animals.

440 million Years Ago

End of the first of six major mass extinctions.

410-360 Million Years Ago

Four-footed vertebrates (Tetrapods) originate as the first amphibians and come on land.

367 Million Years Ago

The second mass extinction. There is a huge difference in survival between animals that use silica in their bodies as compared to calcium carbonate.

286-248 Million Years Ago

Pangea forms a single super continent.

250-248 Million Years Ago

The most severe mass extinction yet occurs, destroying an estimated 96% of all life on Earth. Massive volcanism changes the climate, oxygen and sea levels.


220 Million Years Ago

Pangea starts to break apart and form separate continents.

210 Million Years Ago

End of the fourth major mass extinction.

210-145 Million Years Ago

The Atlantic Ocean forms as Laurasia starts to break apart and the sub-continent of Mu is created.
Dinosaurs reach their zenith in size and diversity. Large marine reptiles arise, as do the flying pterosaurs.

145-65 Million Years Ago

The Cretaceous Period is a time of increase in the complexity of life.
In deep space, the Gudis attacks The Land of Light in the Nebula M78 galaxy where a race of humanoid, partially organic "androids" known as the Ultras exist. War will rage for 150 million years and force both the Ultras and the Gudis to continually evolve to combat one another.

100 Million Years Ago

In Nebula M Spacehunter, its humanoid inhabitants develop a highly intelligent and technologically advanced civilization. Once they perfected the art of space travel, the Nebulans set out on missions of colonization and experimentation. They discover the planet Earth to be not unlike their own and create a small colony there. They refer to themselves as "Cosmos," perhaps after the great expanse of space they covered during their journey. The Cosmos would slowly expand to the surrounding planets of the solar system. On Earth, they noticed the evolutionary potential of a group of animals known as primates. After capturing quite a few, they brought them back to Spacehunter M for experiments in bio-engineering to speed up their evolution through mutations of their genes. By urging the primates to advance along similar lines as themselves, they gave birth to a race of intelligent humanoid apes. For many millennia, these apes, named "Simeons", would be dispersed among several worlds in the Setoris star system near the galaxy's center as slave labor for mining precious minerals.

77 Million Years Ago

Spacehunter Nebula M becomes a waste dump from careless disregard of refuse. Amongst the garbage, various compounds create a new kind of creature called Hedorahs, made up entirely of sludge. These evolve as the planet desperately attempts to purify its land, water and air. So great was the pollution that the microscopic tadpole-like creatures were forced to grow in size and become ever more hazardous as they lived in, consumed and released vast amounts of smog. As the now monstrous Hedorahs spread across the planet, the noxious environment eventually took its toll on the humanoids, and their reign of dominance quickly ended.
Another highly intelligent species - insect-like creatures similar to the cockroaches of Earth who had been under the domination of the humanoids - were now free to rise to their full potential. These new "Nebulans" quickly multiplied amongst the garbage of their planet but realized that soon, the pollution would become too much for even them to bear. Thus, they set out to find more suitable living conditions across the stars.
They began with the Setoris star system, doing away with any remaining humanoid taskmasters that remained and putting the Simeon slaves to their own use, with far crueler treatment to the green-skinned apes than ever before.

65 Million Years Ago

Fearing the sudden burst of carbon-based life forms throughout the galaxy, the Iron Empire unleashes one of their destructive pets on the Solar system. A buried crater 100 miles wide along what would come to be Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula marks the spot where Death Ghidorah slammed into the surface. The global firestorm incinerated a quarter of the living biomass.
Death Ghidorah causes mass extinction on Earth by literally sucking the Mana out of the planet. Mothras - insect guardians of Gaia - entomb Death Ghidorah in what would one day become Japan but not before he causes the fifth major mass extinction in which 70% of all life on Earth goes extinct, including nearly all of the dinosaurs.

63 Million Years Ago

The Gudis arrives on Earth in hopes of absorbing additional energy for his tiring war with the Ultras but is confronted by creatures that have been developed especially by the Earth for its protection. To his dismay, the Gudis comes to find that he cannot absorb the little beasts as he can others and is driven away.


48 Million Years Ago

The collective Simeon race rebels against the their Nebulan taskmasters and begin a war that lasts for seven years. The insectoids are beaten, having gravely underestimated the willpower and strength of the apes and are forced back to their polluted home. The planets of Setoris System prospered and after interplanetary travel came into common use for them, the Simeons established a peaceful republic-like empire that bound the worlds together under one government. No one planet or city claimed to be the capital, and all citizens enjoyed equal share of wealth.

11 Million Years Ago

Near the center of the galaxy, the Simeons on Setei, the third planet of the Red Dwarf, discover that their world is slowly being sucked into a cosmic vortex as a result of the Gudis draining enough of their sun's energy to the point of it becoming unstable. Knowing that their people would demand immediate action against the beast - which they are completely incapable (a fact that would incite a revolt) - the Advisory Council determines it best to keep the truth of the matter secret and explain their unfortunate situation to the public as a result of more "natural causes."

4 Million Years Ago

Within the past millennia, the Cosmos have established fantastic civilizations on the neighboring planets of Earth. On Mars, a grand multi-city colony acts as a base for space expeditions and studies, as well as a mediator between the other colonial worlds. A much smaller sister base is located on Venus while Mysteroid, a small planet between Mars and Jupiter, acts as a second Earth for the Cosmos. Its inhabitants go by the name "Mysterians."
The Mysterians inadvertently bring about widespread mutations amongst their people as a result of genetic experiments and nuclear testing which divides them into two sub-groups, the "Accepted" and the "Shunned."
The Accepted are those fortunate enough to be spared from the dreadful mutations while the Shunned are horribly disfigured mutants who were promptly executed and burned. However, not all mutations were obvious. Simple disfigurement of a hand or foot, "rashes" on top of the head or on the back and such let some people make lives for themselves and above all, reproduce. Hence, millions of "lesser mutants" adulterated the society with their impurities. This was intolerable to the Mysterians and punishable by death. When word of this spread to the government, every Mysterian man, woman and child was scanned from head to toe. Those found to be of the Shunned, even if only by minor deformity, was terminated. The Purification Act is what it was dubbed, although its secret government code name was 'Project X'. Many mutants rose up against their executioners and came together as their own race.
The first of many wars broke out between the Mysterian purists and the 'Xian' mutants. So devastating were these wars that Mysteroid began to die from nuclear detonations and chemical weapons. Ultimately, it took its toll on the Mysterians who were suffering ever more from radiation. Since this often gave the Xians an advantage, a truce was made. The Mysterians would send the Xians off to a 'rogue' planet orbiting Jupiter (aptly named "Planet X") where they would be free to live out their lives and even be given medical supplies to try and find a cure for their deformities. Reluctantly they agreed, and within a few months, all Xians were moved off of Mysteroid while other mutants preferred death to living with their present conditions.

3 Million Years Ago

The Xians colonists find that the "supplies" given them by their hated brethren are barely sufficient for any real use. Fortunately, some of the greatest scientists and engineers of Mysteroid are among them, although Planet X is scarce in raw materials. Nonetheless, soon after their arrival, a great underground construction project began to acquire better living conditions.
The Xians create a very impressive star fleet and planetary defenses, as well as the most advanced computer systems in the solar system which would come to guide nearly every part of their lives.
Feeling that superiority in weapons and technology took priority over their own welfare, they used cybernetics and robotics to improve themselves rather than waste time and resources on medical pursuits, even using these opportunities to more directly connect themselves to the main computer system. Over the course of several generations, they became walking computers rather than actual individuals as their bodies were literally reconfigured into a much more alien-looking appearance of half flesh, half cybernetics. Nevertheless, the Xians still required large amounts of mitochondria from blood as their cells were greatly deprived of it as a result of mutations. Unable to successfully reproduce this in their laboratories, they knew that eventual abduction of pure Cosmos would be inevitable. Among the deformities of their initial radiation-caused mutations was the near-destruction of reproductive genes in females. Once again the Xians looked to bio-engineering rather than medical science and cloning becomes the solution. As the Xian women slowly died off from deformities or old age, scientists genetically purified the gene sequences of each new clone from the previous one.
Within a few decades, they produced a suitable model that became the blueprint for every clone produced thereafter. These women were mass-produced as drones with specific needs, instincts and goals hardwired into their artificial brains and hearts. The Xians willingly became their own greatest creation - cold hearted, logic-driven drones that served only the Controller and obeyed his every computed command without question, issued via brain waves.
A massive asteroid strikes Mysteroid, literally shattering it. Its remnants create the Asteroid Belt. The surviving Mysterians board a large space ship and retreat to Mars, warring against the Cosmos and defeating them, thus establishing a refuge there. But ever since the Mysterian-Xian Wars, they continued to suffer the effects of it, their genetic heritage ravaged by radiation-induced mutation.
Being the obsessive purists they are, any children born with defects were immediately killed while the few good ones were raised and bred in order to ensure a pure species. This would take a drastic toll on their population. Up until the 20th Century, the Mysterians still numbered less than one million, more than 80% being male. Pure women quickly came into high demand and would open the doors to abductions of the female Cosmos of Earth.

1 Million Years Ago

The Iron Empire formulates a new plan to destroy all carbon-based life in the solar system after their failed attempt with Death Ghidorah. Having observed a heavily volcanic planetoid that made large orbits in and out of several star systems, they calculated that it would pass through the Solar System within a million years. A large capsule is built and a massive fleet and garrison goes aboard to be fired like a comet toward the planetoid's destination, impacting it en route to the sun. From this base of operations, the army could fly in and conquer the Earth before the planetoid (dubbed Kilaak) would slingshot around the sun and back into the void of space. From Earth, they could terraform the neighboring planets that also sustained life into burning infernos. The impact with Kilaak would occur in several millennia. King Ghidorah was also sent out ahead of the fleet as a vanguard.

15,000-12,000 Years Ago

The Cosmos, primarily settled on the continent of Mu in the Pacific so as to disturb the surrounding ecosystem as little as possible, experience civil war. A large empire, calling themselves the 'true' inhabitants of Mu (the Muuvians), separate from the Cosmos. This division incites many revolts from smaller colonies which in turn declare their own independence.
Seatopia, Atlantis, Okinawa, and Nilai-kinai each set their own boundaries and tensions between the infant nations grow high.
The various empires create a new form of biological warfare using bio-technology and genetic engineering beyond anything previously known on this planet: giant monsters to serve as guardian beasts to be their protectors and even mascots.
The Cosmos breed and further engineer the existing Mothra species to better suit their needs. These Mothras are produced to take on the defense in battle while another breed of the giant moths (heavily armored and aggressive 'Battle Mothras' known as 'Battras') is used for offensive tactics.
To make controlling the insects easier, tiny twin men and women are genetically created in sets of four, each with distinct virtues, to serve as avatars for and a 'telepathic interface' to the moths. The tiny women (Shobijin) come to be mentally bonded with the Mothras while the little men (Doubijin) bond with the Battras. The other nations conceive their own monstrous war machines.
Mu creates Manda and Reptilicus, huge sea serpents; Nilai-kinai acquires Gappa, a huge bird and reptile hybrid with energy-spraying capabilities, as well as the great sea beast, Dagarah.
Okinawa devises King Seesar, the upright-standing lion god, and Atlantis (which had expanded its territory to a large sub-continent in the Atlantic Ocean) crafts an entire flock of Gyaos, flesh-eating flying reptiles.
Seatopia makes several failed attempts at creating their own war horse. A space creature fell to Earth literally in the center of Atlantis, rousing the anger of the Atlantean defender, Kaishin Muba. The resulting battle saw both beasts sink beneath the waves.
Sometime later, the alien washed ashore near Seatopia's border. It was the last of a dying race whose planet had been destroyed by a super nova. Encased in debris from its homeworld, the giant bipedal beetle managed to reach our solar system. The Seatopians are initially terrified of it but the King decides to take advantage of what he believes is a golden opportunity and orders his people to nurse it back to health.
The King has his scientists craft a telepathic head band that will allow mental communication between him and the beast. It is hoped that in return for their assistance and servitude, the massive brute will remain and be their guardian in the wars to come. The Seatopians name it Megalon. He awakens and accepts their offer.
Seatopia becomes the first Earth society to worship and revere their defender as a deity, a practice that would later be adopted by other cultures and races.
These beasts become a new sub-group in the animal kingdom. More than mere monsters, they are of gigantic size and potentially unlimited power. They come to be called KAIJU.
The outbreak of battle would be recorded in history as the Monster Wars. Every state was involved and every kaiju. It was generally decided that one nation's guardian defeating another's in hand-to-hand combat would end a dispute. Such chivalry fell by the wayside when superior armed losers marched into their opponents' country. This gave way to all-out fighting, as fleets and armies and navies met in bloody combat and often with their trademark kaiju on the front lines, giving rise to many myths and legends.
The Atlanteans design Gyaos to reproduce asexually in order to more quickly increase their numbers. However, the ravenous creatures get out of control and turn on their creators by eating everyone in sight. Although precautions had been taken to prevent them from spreading too far or too fast by making them susceptible to Mana as if it were a toxin, the levels had greatly dropped as the Earth was ruined by war, allowing the monsters to roam free. The Gyaos swarm Mu like a plague. Atlantis retaliates with a race of giant flying, fire-breathing turtles named 'Gameras' to overcome the Gyaos. It is too little too late and much of Mu is devastated, including the western colony of Atlantis.
Of the hundreds of beta versions produced, only two Gameras survive to force the remaining Gyaos into hiding. His soul corrupted by the war, one of the terrapins is buried in the Arctic by the few remaining Atlanteans to learn humility. The other goes into hibernation in the graveyard of Atlantis, the Marianas Trench. It is hoped that both will rise again should the Gyaos return.
Most of the Cosmos nation is wiped out, leaving behind many Doubijin and Shobijin. Now left to act on their own accord, the peaceable and Earth-loving Shobijin and the more hardened and warlike Doubijin can not bring themselves to coexist and a sub-war develops between them with Mothras pitted against Battras.
The ancients had constructed weather-controlling machines to regulate the atmosphere to their needs but they polluted the environment with the endless wars. This gravely disrupted the natural weather patterns and cycles. The Earth was being killed. Massive plant life suddenly jetted through the ground of Mu and Atlantis. Weeds, vines, roots and all sorts of flora of great size and unbelievable strength broke apart, shattered, uprooted, smashed and overwhelmed almost all of their structures, weapons, and people. As a result of the great wars and flora attack (by what came to be known as "Biollante") the land masses became highly unstable. Tectonic plates shifted and cracked apart, causing the greatest earthquake yet recorded. The continents shifted further apart while Mu and Atlantis sank beneath the waves of the Pacific, its mountain tops creating a mass of islands on which several dinosaurs and the remaining Cosmos took refuge.
The ensuing flood nearly wipes out the Muuvians, forcing them to rebuild under the sea. The Seatopians also retreat to an underwater city previously built.
Nilai-kinai and Atlantis are destroyed and Okinawa survives only as a mere chain of islands. Only a handful of Doubijin and Shobijin remain, the females and their Mothra driving the last of the males and their Battra into captivity within the Earth. Settling on the small but beautiful Infant Island, Mothra and her tiny princesses watch over those who seek refuge there.
Global temperatures plunge rapidly after the destruction of the weather machines, causing another ice age. The scattered remnants of the Cosmos colonies lose touch with their technology and one another, becoming more primitive societies in order to survive. Over the course of several millennia, they would become known simply as 'Man.'

1000 BC

Decades ahead of the capsule-comet, King Ghidorah arrives at Venus and Mars and nearly destroys the Mysterian colonies. Some survivors migrate to Earth, landing in the Himalayas where they eventually become the royal family of Selgina.


Dec. 25, 1926

Hirohito becomes Emperor of Japan. This marks the beginning of the 'bright peace' or Showa Period.


The Muuvians are concerned that the surface dwellers will destroy the planet and send two agents to investigate. Their reports are conflicting; one agent suggests giving them a chance while the other urges their destruction.


A team of scientists discovers Skull Island, a remnant of the continent of Mu where dinosaurs flourish and a giant ape named King Kong reigns supreme. Kong is captured and brought to New York City as an entertainment prospect. The creature escapes and goes on a brief rampage before being killed.

Feb. 14, 1944

The Japanese military encounters a godzillasaurus and American troops on Lagos Island in the Pacific. The U.S. Navy opens fire on the creature, severely wounding it.

Aug. 6, 1945

Hiroshima is struck with the uranium bomb, Little Boy. It is the first use of a nuclear weapon in warfare.

Early 1950s

Dr. Daisuke Serizawa develops the so-called 'oxygen destroyer', a bio-chemical process that forces the oxygen in organic compounds to bind with hydrogen, causing the liquefaction of tissue.

March 1, 1954

The No. 5 FUKURYU-maru is near Lagos Island during the Bravo hydrogen bomb test. The radioactive fallout also reaches several surrounding islands, causing horrendous mutations of any surviving dinosaurs.
A 50-meter behemoth godzillasaurus establishes its territory around Odo Island. The natives give it the name Gojira, translated as Godzilla.

Sept. 26, 1954

Five ferry boats are sunk, killing about 1,600 people.
The TOYA MARU sinks in the Strait of Tsugaru and 1,172 die.

Nov. 3, 1954

Godzilla destroys much of Tokyo. Dr. Serizawa uses the Oxygen Destroyer to eliminate the creature but Tokyo Bay is turned into a graveyard.


King Ghidorah attacks Planet X but is defeated and captured. The Xians activate a dormant internal control device to use him as a threat against the Mysterians.


A far more powerful Godzilla battles a giant anguirusaurus on Iwato Island. Their fight drags all the way to Osaka, Japan, where the Anguirus is killed. Godzilla is later buried in an avalanche on an island near the North Pole.


Rodan appears. The mated pair's eggs survive a volcanic eruption and the creatures feed off Meganuron insects that had been sealed in a cave with them.


The Mysterians lose their most recent war with the Xians. In desperation, they invade Earth but are driven back to Mars. One of their giant tunneling robots, a MOGERA, is recovered but only some of its technology can be comprehended.
Lord Koban assumes the Mysterian throne after the death of his father.
INTERPOL discovers other-worldly conspiracies afoot and is granted trans-national powers in the wake of the failed Mysterian invasion. Saradia and Selgina are not parties to the agreement.


Varan is sighted.

April 1959

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory reports a 300% increase in atmospheric radioactivity in the wake of Soviet nuclear testing following a three-year self-imposed moratorium.


When the last of the Shobijin race are found on Infant Island and kidnapped by greedy businessmen, Mothra attacks Tokyo. She returns the Elias (the personal family name of this particular set of Shobijin twins) to Infant Island where she later lays an egg.
Reptilicus appears in Denmark to feed on livestock but is killed by the military.


The U.N. Submarine Sea Hawk comes across a glowing iceberg in the Bering Sea from which rises Godzilla who heads for Japan.
Faro Island, in the Pacific, is under study for its strange berries which have promising medicinal properties but is occupied by a giant ape. The creature is named King Kong after his deceased relative. He is taken from the isle but breaks free and swims to Japan where he fights Godzilla.
Paleontologist Professor Yamane (a discoverer and leading expert of Godzilla back in 1954 and since) has dedicated his life to the study of these giant monsters. He names this field of research kaijuology. With the help of colleagues in various scientific fields and using the data he has collected, he establishes the Kaijuologist Association Department (KAD) to further spearhead the development of this new science. It would not be taught in schools to potential young newcomers until the late 60s.


The Muuvians attack the surface world but are defeated by the flying battleship GOTENGO.


Mothra battles Godzilla when he threatens her egg. She is killed but twin grubs hatch. One of the larva later dies from its injuries.
During an attempt to stamp out any resistance they might encounter in their plans for a future invasion, the Xians loose King Ghidorah on the Earth. Godzilla, Rodan and the remaining Mothra larva defeat him. The aliens continue to plot anew while Godzilla resumes his destructive ways.
Frankenstein meets a watery death off the coast of Hiroshima at the hands of the Devilfish.
Baragon appears.


A nuclear blast awakens Gamera from the Arctic ice. The giant turtle wreaks havoc on Japan before being shot into space aboard a rocket.
The Xians convince mankind to let them 'borrow' Godzilla and Rodan to rid their world of King Ghidorah. The three monsters attack the Earth but once again drive King Ghidorah into space. The Xians retreat to rethink their strategies. Now at a disadvantage, Earth seeks peace with the alien race, promoting astronaut Glenn to act as the first inter-stellar Ambassador.


Ebirah and Gamera are sighted.
A terrorist organization known as the Red Bamboo secretly builds weapons of mass destruction on a remote South Sea island, enslaving the inhabitants of Infant Island for forced labor. Their plans are foiled and their headquarters destroyed.


Godzilla acquires a son who is called Minilla.
A Gyaos in a cave on Mount Fuji is awakened by accident. Gamera fights it and is recognized as a force of good.

Feb. 7, 1968

Yun Rees is appointed Earth's delegate to the inter-stellar Council of Peace with the death of Ambassador Glenn.


A project to capture and contain all of Earth's monsters begins. Several are brought to Monsterland in the Ogasawara islands in the Pacific for the protection of mankind and further study of the animals. The technology for containing them is still in its early stages, allowing them to enter and leave with little effort.
Squid-like aliens, the Virans, appear on Earth and are defeated by Gamera.
The comet-like capsule of the Iron Empire collides with the fiery planetoid Kilaak. A base of operations is constructed and a massive fleet created. Noticing the humanoid shape of all other extraterrestrial species, the metal creatures mold themselves after that pattern.
King Ghidorah, having been recuperating in space since his last encounter with mankind, is recaptured by his 'rightful owners' (now going by the name 'Kilaaks') and placed again under their control. It is hoped that they will recover Death Ghidorah as well once they arrive on Earth.


As part of a new plan to conquer Earth, Xian scientists attempt to artificially produce a baby Kaiser, a rare mutation with a one in a million chance of occurring "naturally". Such Xians possess fantastic powers beyond any known humanoid's. The experiments are a failure and the only surviving Kaiser clone is labeled a reject. Unwilling to be exterminated, he flees for his life to a distant planet.

April 22, 1970

Millions of Americans participate in the first Earth Day, a landmark in the environmental movement.


A Hedorah from Spacehunter Nebula M arrives on Earth aboard a comet and thrives on the planet's pollution until Godzilla defeats it.

March 12, 1972

The roach-like Nebulans arrive. They plan to colonize the Earth where they will create a perfect world of peace and ecological balance.


The Simeons, led by the ambitious Commander Mugar, attempt to take over the Earth as the last of their great planets are quickly being devoured by the black hole. They use Mechagodzilla as their weapon of choice but the technological terror explodes after combat with Godzilla and the awakened god of Okinawa, King Seesar. Its remains are scattered in the ocean.


The Simeons undertake a second invasion of the Earth with a rebuilt Mechagodzilla and an Earth kaiju called Titanosaurus. Mechagodzilla is once again destroyed, Titanosaurus defeated and the Simeons retreat back to their dying home world.

Dec. 11, 1976

Prince Hector, son of King Antonio and Queen Valeeria of Seatopia, is born.


On Setei, preparations are made for a third Simeon invasion of Earth. This, along with the construction of a massive mothership and rebuilding of a far more advanced Mechagodzilla, will take the next two decades.


Gamera departs, leaving his hibernating brother to protect the planet should the Earth's Mana decrease to dangerous levels and the Gyaos return.


A deadly plague sweeps Seatopia, killing millions including Queen Valeeria.
Chairman Fumio Subo of the Nebulans makes contact with King Antonio and peace talks begin.


Godzilla reappears, awakened by volcanic eruptions.
The SUPER X main sky battle tank (based in part on Xian technology) is destroyed. Much of Tokyo is again leveled before Godzilla is trapped in a volcano. During the clean-up operations, Godzilla cells are stolen by agents of an American bio-tech firm, the Bio-Major Corporation and then again by a Saradian spy. Japanese scientists create Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria (ANEB) from their supply of G-cells.


Fumio convinces King Antonio to attempt communication with the hostile Mu Empire in hopes of reunification.


Jan. 7, 1989

Emperor Hirohito dies at age 87 after the longest reign in the history of Japan (1922-89). Crown Prince Akihito succeeds him. Heisei, which means 'Peace and Prosperity', is adopted as the name of the new reign.


Mu starts planning humanity's destruction.
Peace between Mu and Seatopia is achieved. Gudis reappears on Mars and battles Ultraman Great. Their battle eventually carries to Earth where, after a series of mutations, Ultraman seemingly destroys the Gudis itself. In truth, the space virus is merely sent into a state of dormancy.


Despite occasional attacks by Godzilla who continues to find new and more creative ways out of Monsterland, Japan grows in economic and political power.
The United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center (UNGCC) and its military arm, G-FORCE, are created specifically to counteract any threats posed by Godzilla or other kaiju as well as initiate in-depth study of the creatures.
The KAD becomes closely inter-linked with these two new departments.


Preparations are made by the Mysterians for a new Earth invasion. Construction begins on a secret base at the North Pole which will also be used to build up and greatly expand their MOGERA army. The base is made ready in short order but the MOGERA project will take several years.


The Antarctic ice cap begins to melt as the Muuvians place huge microwave generators under the North and South Poles in preparation for sterilizing the Earth's surface. This plan is abandoned after Fumio Subo initiates secret tentative peace talks between the United Nations and the Mu Empire.
This also inadvertently saves the Mysterians at the North Pole who have so far remained undetected.
Minilla reappears, but now considerably larger. Because he now more closely resembles his adopted father, he is called Godzilla Junior.
Godzilla attacks Hong Kong.
World opinion turns against the use of nuclear weapons and the slow process of world disarmament begins.


Construction workers inadvertently free Death Ghidorah from his stone tomb. Mothra attempts to subdue it but is defeated. Her child, Mothra Leo, re-secures the cosmic terror.

May 24, 1999

Japan's upper house votes to expand the country's military alliance with the U.S.
An international goal for the exploration of outer space is accomplished when a human colony is established on the Moon.

Aug. 15, 1999

Unknown to humanity, the Kilaaks gain control of the monsters at Monsterland and send them to attack major cities around the world. When their facility on the Moon is destroyed and their control device taken offline, the monsters attack their Earth Base. The aliens bring in King Ghidorah to fight the Earth monsters. He is killed at the claws of seven kaiju and buried under the ground. Godzilla destroys the Kilaak base in Mount Fuji, causing earthquakes. Some Kilaaks are taken to the Moon Base for scientific study. "Destroy all monsters!" is the international battle cry as humanity demands the destructive creatures be terminated or otherwise prevented from rampaging as they please.


21st Century

The world is becoming largely free of nuclear weapons.
On Setei, a massive transport ship with the new Mechagodzilla departs for Earth. Three weeks later, the last Simeon home world is pulled into the black hole and destroyed.
Realizing that the Kilaaks were still at large and certain to strike again, Fumio Subo convinces the Nebulan High Council to ally with the metal beings so as to avoid unnecessary conflict.


The Simeon transport ship reaches Earth and establishes headquarters underground in Hokkaido. A few months later, they recover the remains of Titanosaurus from the ocean floor.

Jan. 11, 2003

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi calls for the abolition of all nuclear weapons and energy production.

Oct. 13, 2004

Fumio Subo presents a plan that will save the Earth from Godzilla's rampages to the Japanese government but is turned down.

Dec. 1, 2004

Godzilla attacks Tokyo for the first time in years. Fumio is taken up on his offer.

May 3, 2005

Construction begins on Fumio Subo's top secret anti-Godzilla weapon at a new theme park in Tokyo called The Children's Land which will feature a massive monster museum in the shape of Godzilla. Powerful laser weapons are also placed in Earth's orbit aboard satellites.

Nov. 4, 2006

The Xians inform the Mysterians that the Nebulans have sent spies to infiltrate their base. A peace treaty is discussed over the next several months.

Feb. 15, 2007

With final preparations in place and work on Titanosaurus nearly complete, the Simeons are seemingly ready to launch a full scale attack on the Earth but Commander Mugar orders his soldiers to stand down. Those who dare to question his motives are executed.

April 20, 2008

The Mysterians complete their MOGERA army and ready their forces for an attack on the Earth. A strange human appears at their North Pole base and offers Lord Koban a chance to make his army even more powerful. An agreement is reached and the invasion is put on hold.

June 5, 2010

King Ghidorah, who was buried at Mount Fuji in 1999, awakens as Grand King Ghidorah. An accompanying Magnitude 7.0 earthquake kills one person and injures at least 381 others. The dormant volcano also comes back to life.

From this point forward, our story unfolds.