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Born in 1947 in North Dakota, Gertrude still enjoys dinosaurs and science fiction, having had ready access to museums, monsters and aliens via a wealth of '50s (and beyond) books, films and television in Washington, D.C. and then other parts of the country, thanks to the Air Force.

Writing soon followed and what might be considered a hobby by many has served her well from junior high school to the present. Magazines, newspapers and now the Internet are just a few venues for her fiction and non-fiction efforts. Fellow kaiju eiga fans encouraged keeping giant monsters rampaging between seemingly less frequent films, from magazines and conventions to online forums.

In 2003, (Kaijuphile forum member) Varan101 conceived the idea of honoring Godzilla's 50th "birthday" with the EYEWITNESS project which set up shop at Rodan's Roost (now Kaijuphile.com). Gertrude provided the editing (along with a story) and Sauron, the Kaijuphile webmaster, hosted the anthology. With the advent of additional web space, the Fan Nest came into being, along with ROOSTVILLE. Via round robin story-telling on the forum, the "town" thrived on even further tales of giant monsters and the fans who love them.

Like applying writing skills to the "real world", Gertrude found that the opposite also works when it comes to Roostville, especially around April Fools! Since content in the Fan Nest is generated by the Kaijuphile members, having an understanding of HTML coding came in handy. This also proved true when her real home town began looking into having a "web presence", from City Hall to the county's social services providers.

Gertrude assures all aspiring webmasters that stimulating material such as WHEN ALIENS ATTACK! makes the "work" aspect of editing and coding most enjoyable. Seeing the project on the World Wide Web is an additional bonus.