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King Antonio
Prince Hector

Born June 28, 1991, Ryan first became obsessed with kaiju eiga upon viewing GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA (1974) at the wee age of nine. Hooked ever since, these early films sparked his interest in film directing and the industry as a whole. Since then, he has developed skills in art, writing and film making - all thanks to these films that ignited his young imagination.

Ryan plans to attend the Ryerson Film Academy and begin his career as a director. Currently, he is working on a Veterans' Day Memorial short film for school. In the meantime, he enjoys drawing and writing sporadically.

An early member of the WAA! crew, Ryan brainstormed and took part in the project enthusiastically until a combination of writer's block and inconsistent online time caused him to fall behind as the story progressed. Unable to keep up, he passed on his parts to Neal who continued to develop his characters throughout the duration of the production.